butterfly effect

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the phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, e

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Left, Laura holding a knitted caterpillar as part of The Butterfly Effect campaign
In these conditions pretty change can cause major change in system behavior and butterfly effect is crystallized with dynamic compatibility [8].
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (ITV2, Wednesday, 10pm) A STUDENT finds the journals he kept during his troubled childhood and discovers that by reading them, he has the ability to go back in time.
If a revolution rises, no country can escape its butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect is a commonly referenced example where the formation of a hurricane might be caused by a butterfly flapping its wings in a distant location at some earlier time.
The Oxfam-supported Butterfly Effect project uses art, drama and psychology to coax out frightening memories from child refugees and help them deal with emotional trauma.
In chaos theory, the butterfly effect links the formation of a hurricane to a butterfly having fluttered its wings weeks before.
Hits since include Just Married, My Boss''s Daughter, The Butterfly Effect, What Happens in Vegas, Valentine''s Day and No Strings Attached.
If students are determining whether a client is eligible for food stamps, they need not be concerned with complexity-related issues such as the butterfly effect.
She thanked Axa for the "fantastic opportunity", which is proof that the butterfly effect works.
the butterfly effect and how the choices we make shape not only us as individuals, but the people around us; and
A BLOODSTOCK equivalent of the butterfly effect - the theory that an insect flapping its wings in one place might lead to a hurricane on the other side of the world - occurred in Suffolk on Saturday night, starting with the birth of a foal by Black Sam Bellamy, writes Richard Griffiths.
According to chaos theory, which underlies the butterfly effect, one such decision can produce potentially devastating consequences.
The new packaging, rolling out now, replaces the brand's heart and water droplet design with a butterfly motif to symbolise the butterfly effect.