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someone who drops things (especially one who cannot catch a ball)

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Butterfingers follows the story of a lonely and down-on-his-luck hit man named Keith (Brand) - also known as Butterfingers - as he competes against arch-rival Perry, who is after the same target in Spain.
MRC employees served the Ice Cream and each had a toppings station, ranging from Butterfingers to gummy bears.
or perhaps a selection of strawberry creams, Snickers and Butterfingers.
That's why the cover is important, Even the best mechanics get butterfingers every now and then.
DAZE OF Z THUNDER The Hearts fans go crazy with joy as their heroes celebrate David Templeton's goal LIV AND LET Z FLY Reds hero Luis Suarez drills a low shot past MacDonald to send Hearts crashing out BUTTERFINGERS J Reds No.
There was a throbbing sense of dj vu at Anfield on Saturday, as Liverpool frittered away chances, struck the woodwork four more times and allowed two more home points to slip through their butterfingers.
There will also be a deli offering American treats including Grape Soda, A+W Root Beer, Hershey Bars, Butterfingers, Twinkies, BabyRuths and Pepsi Cherry, as well as Central Perk merchandise.
The tourists weren't left to rue the spinner's butterfingers, though, as the opener, when looking to hit over mid-wicket, presented Cook with an easy catch at mid-on.
Another short, Butterfingers, captures the banter between Fulton and legendary singer Kenneth McKellar, with whom he appeared in the famous Five Past Eight shows at the Alhambra in Glasgow.
In contrast to the Snickers and Butterfingers I could have been eating, it wasn't too sugary.
She said: "I was gutted when Rob Green let the goal in, what a butterfingers.
Toppings include a host of cereals, such as granola and Cocoa Puffs, as well as a variety of candy, including Whoppers, crushed Butterfingers, Skittles and gummi bears - a grand total of 56 topping options.
These students from Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School found their classmate "not guilty" of stealing Butterfingers.
We're going to feed him Butterfingers on the flight home just so he can feel the effects of it,'' Lakers coach Phil Jackson said.
Also in October Nestle USA will feature King Kong packaging graphics on more than 10 million units of candy bars, including Nestle Crunch, Butterfingers and Baby Ruth.