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the fatty substance of milk from which butter is made

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As a result, Parekh's formula centres on milk with high butterfat and very little sugar.
Including high-fibre sources like hay and straw, as well as highlydigestible fibre such as sugar beet pulp, in buffer rations will help increase butterfat levels through the production of acetic acid in the cow's rumen.
Packaged for commercial use as a food ingredient, AMF has an extended shelf life and is an excellent form for storage and transportation of butterfat.
The white residue is the milk solids separating out from the butterfat and water.
I kept Nubians because I loved the high butterfat that the breed is famous for, and because their milk is especially good for cheesemaking.
Milk is yellow in color and very rich in butterfat.
Production will not be adjusted for butterfat, nor will be payments made for volumes of less than 50,000 litres - equivalent to seven cows.
Compared with a standard ice cream containing 10% butterfat, the assessment of an expert panel from a renowned institute was very positive: the experts found the ice cream made with OPTICE to have perfect melting properties, excellent smoothness and a quite convincing mouthfeel.
Distinguished by their large, pendulous ears and 'Roman' nose, they can live in very hot climates and are known for the high butterfat content of their milk.
It grows fast by drinking the mother's milk, which is rich in butterfat.
of red meat is allowed once per week; dairy products must contain 1 % or less butterfat unless otherwise noted; all processed foods containing saturated fat are forbidden" Readers who want details should consult the Swank Web site.
028 ml/g) of different lipid sources for example groundnut, coconut, palm kernel, butterfat, palm and cotton oils, respectively in order to study the effect of lipids on carpophore production.
Crucially, countries such as Ireland have also won an extra 1% quota increase per year on the back of an adjusted butterfat co-efficient that effectively allows them to boost production.
Archibald produces a premium ice cream, with over 10% butterfat for a rich and creamy taste; a light ice cream, with real fruit or candy and under 10% butterfat; non-dairy sorbets with real fruit inclusions; a 97% fat-free frozen yogurt; and a 100%t fat- and sugar-free frozen yogurt.
After heating heavy whipping cream (with a 36 percent butterfat content) and stirring in the finely chopped chocolate until it is melted, Wilson allows the ganache to stand overnight at a cool room temperature.