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a rotund individual

small North American diving duck

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Holiday demand is expected to be steady, and Butterball is seeing more interest in pre-cooked and smoked turkeys, so chefs don't have to hover by their ovens, Jandrain said.
Experts at the charity believe Butterball and his siblings Rosebud and Mudbud are Rottweiler cross Border Collies.
ButterBall Baby is hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for eczema prone skin and for preventing diaper rash.
Consumers want wholesome deli products at a reasonable value, and that's exactly what we're delivering," says Michelle Lieszkovszky, deli brand manager for Butterball.
Butterball, the largest turkey producer in the United States, told the press that it's proud of its certification from the American Humane Association.
Cost: Butterball Cake P 1,050/9inch, P600/6in cake.
Hygiene is extremely important to us and that's why we rely on the Interroll drum motor," said Jeff Evers of Butterball LLC.
We've found success using branded shelf dividers, as they help set the product apart from competitors, ensuring consumers' eyes are drawn directly to the Butterball products.
IT appears that there was a Butterball turkey shortage in the kingdom, leaving Christmas shoppers rallying for big birds.
Well, time to get the giant Butterball bird or whatever it is we buy.
NATIONAL FINALISTS: Merial Limited / Sullivan Higdon & Sink Midwest Dairy Association / Integrated Marketing Services South Dakota Corn Growers Association / Paulsen Marketing Butterball, LLC / Howard.
The narrator is a thirteen-year-old boy and his account of the opening exchange between himself and his counsellor, Liz, sets the tone; he insists she calls him Butterball and his acceptance of the cruel nickname signals his self-loathing.
Butterball had passed Day 183 and could see nothing to hope for, now that his week in Bangkok was over.
It centres on 13-year-old Butterball, an overweight bully who spends his time bullying other students because he does not know how to contain his emotions.