butter dish

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a small dish (often with a cover) for holding butter at the table

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A solution is to have a teaspoon for the jam, a small knife in the butter dish and a larger knife for spreading it.
BUTTER-GATE Some people keep butter in the fridge - so when they try to use it their bread rips - instead of in a butter dish with a lid, like you're meant to.
If you're after the accessories that will lighten up your kitchen, then this lovely butter dish will do just the trick.
Another, her great-grandmother's antique butter dish.
NEW YORK -- Gone are the butter dish, the dainty teacup and saucer--at least for Lenox's new Simply Fine dinnerware collection.
Since it is just less than eight inches tall and vertically configured, it takes up less space in the refrigerator than a butter dish.
Staple Dairy Products is offering six retailers the chance to win either a temperature-controlled butter dish or one of five 150 [pounds sterling] holiday vouchers, courtesy of Discover Promotions, that you can use towards your next overseas package holiday.
Similar in shape (though much larger in size) to a regular butter dish, it sits on a rechargeable base that, once plugged in, keeps the batteries charged and the temperature optimal for spreading butter.
Rub inside of a shallow baking dish with garlic, then liberally butter dish.
The league might be the bread and butter dish for Burton Albion this season but the FA Cup will continue to whet the appetite for success, according to striker Christian Moore.
A crude prototype was pieced together in a few days, using a butter dish and a Ban Roll-on ball the designer bought at his local Walgreens.
COUNTRYSIDE: Regarding the "French Butter dish," referred to in the July/ August issue, it's called a "Butter Bell.
QI have a set of Lurpak items including sets of two egg cups, a butter dish and a toast rack.
The same company has a butter dish created by kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson.