butt weld

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a butt joint that is welded


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1 produces the knit line (2) bar behind a round hole and the butt weld line (1) bar behind a rectangular hole.
Interestingly, the TW-weld strength is comparable to that of the butt weld at the lowest pressure, but then drops rapidly as the pressure is increased and eventually becomes weaker than the TF-welds.
The water weld configuration features integral butt weld flanges, separated by two stainless steel jacking bolts.
Polished stainless steel connections include sanitary clamp as standard, with butt weld and flange also available.
These systems are offered in butt weld end closure units, barrels with integral closure, or skid-mounted packages complete with valves and piping, tested and ready for use.
The standard model covers size ranges from 6- to 24-inch diameters and comes in a variety of styles with butt weld end closures, one piece barrel with integral closures, or skid mounted packages complete with valves and piping.
The completed butt weld is x-rayed and approved prior to placing a heat shrinking protective sleeve over the finished joint.
It can be furnished with bolted-on screwed, socket, or butt weld ends.
tube butt weld end connections--or in a modular surface mount option, which is compatible with Swagelok IGC(R) II modular gas systems.
Manufactured from 316L VIM/VAR stainless steel, the valve body is available with 1/4 inch VCR(R) and 1/4 inch and 6 mm tube butt weld end connections.