butt joint

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a joint made by fastening ends together without overlapping

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In previous research, it has been found that, for the base material of high-strength steel sheets and butt joints, a cyclic softening occurs in the elastic-plastic range for a total strain amplitude above [[epsilon].
The absorption of structural steels in butt joint laser welding has a significant dependence on the edge surface roughness at laser powers of [greater than or equal to] 10 kW, as shown in Fig.
We used a butt joint to join the three torsion boxes and miter joints on the four corners on both faces and at the four corners on the ends.
The joint types were L-shaped and named rabbet 1, rabbet 2, dado, and butt joint as shown in Figure 4.
Method for selection of laser radiation, diffusely reflected from the metal surfaces being welded, is proposed, which allows normalizing bar graphs of video images of the butt joint line.
1 M:2002 for the evaluation of stresses due to realignment of welded sheet in butt joint configuration with an initial misalingnment.
Because you have a butt joint without any material buildup, there is no discernable difference between the joint and the parent material.
A butt joint eliminates the contribution of shrinkage stresses to bond strength that would occur in insert molded joints.
80 m, - masonry connection as butt joint in different masonry widths.
Be it fire-rated walkable floors, glass to glass butt joint systems or simply mega sizes of glass that are fire rated, we have the complete range.
2 Plane to ensure the front is perfectly square for butt joint.
If the shorter three-piece 13ft rod is best on the day, a different butt joint is supplied to make the balancing difference.
In North America, screws with or without dowels are the most commonly used fastener systems for assembling RTA furniture shelving and cabinets with simple unglued butt joint configurations.
There are several ways you can joint these, but I opted for one of the easiest methods, which is a screwed and glued butt joint.