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thick end of the handle


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The other fellow jumped down and struck him over the head with the butt end of his heavy whip.
Yet the fact remains that the reader, who was a fine, robust old man, was knocked clean down by it as if it had been the butt end of a pistol.
It may be a furious squall coming, butt end foremost.
The discovery was verified by noting that some of the rotting stumps were hacked all round, in a most unwoodmanlike way, while others were cut straight across, and the butt ends of the corresponding trunks had the blunt wedge-form given by the axe of a master.
Tenders are invited for Solid Joint 32 Mm Butt End With Pin Complete To Rdso Drg.
Dhu-AlHijjah 22, 1436, October 06, 2015, SPA -- An Oklahoma police officer turned himself in Monday for allegedly striking a motorist with the butt end of a shotgun following a high-speed chase in June, authorities said, according to UPI.
Under David Moyes, he ended up being on the butt end of jokes circulating on Twitter that everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon with, making him an unpopular or 'unfashionable' player, despite being an exciting talent when he first burst on to the scene.
Raise the tree a few inches off the ground and drop it on the butt end.
GAME GOLF, which consists of a small, light weight device worn on the player's belt and individual sensor tags that attach to the butt end cap of each club, records every shot played during a round of golf using GPS and motion sensing technology.
8, Boyd accuses McGuire of "jabbing the butt end of his flashlight" against Boyd and cursing at him before asking for his identification.
where x--distance from a cold butt end of a tube (x = 0) to considered section.
A weak left hand can be spotted in three ways: 1 One or no visible knuckles; 2 The butt of the club is visible; 3 A worn glove near butt end of club.
l The hands and wrists are under control - make sure the fingers of the lever arm have not opened and that the butt end of the grip is still in contact with the fleshy pad of the hand.
b]; distance between the geometrical center of the butt end and pith), and the size of the log sweep ([H.