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a shop in which meat and poultry (and sometimes fish) are sold


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The labour inspection department is investigating the butcher shop to establish whether adequate safety measures were in place.
Fleisher's sources whole animals and follows a nose-to-tail philosophy, meaning that they use every part of the animal, making them one of the only butcher shops in the country to source and butcher in this way.
Penning down these vignettes is his way of keeping the old customs alive, hoping that the younger generation will have an idea as to the way of life back then, when he was growing up in the sixties - in a butcher shop.
BEIRUT: The municipality of Beddawi, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces, raided a butcher shop Thursday for serving unfit beef.
This being The Butcher Shop, we expected the red meat to be outstanding.
Police arrested Monday a former head of a butcher shop in Osaka city for allegedly selling beef from Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, areas hit by last year's quake and nuclear crisis, by mislabeling its origin.
Dubai If you like meat, you will love The Butcher Shop & Grill.
I'd have to just throw it away,' insists Alawi, who maintains he was taking the lambs to a butcher shop to have them killed in accordance with Islamic law.
The parade on the corner of Queslett Road and Beacon Road in Great Barr includes a butcher shop, greengrocer and florist, newsagent, pharmacy, bookmaker, estate agent, GPs surgery and Post Office.
They entered the Butcher Shop of the Year awards for the first time last year and were elated to win the Northern title.
The store is the 24th location for the privately owned chain, and at about 38,000 square feet it will employ about 280 people in its market, restaurant, bakery, full-service butcher shop and tortilleria, where fresh tortillas and tamale dough will be churned.
Walter Cross was in a family butcher shop syndicate who scooped pounds 20million in a double rollover draw in 2000.
Simple sentences narrate the day of a young brother and sister as they go to the butcher shop, the fish store, the supermarket, and the bakery with their mother, performing many mitzvos along the way
Now, aged 19, Martin of Fulwell, Sunderland, is managing his own business, Henderson's Butcher shop in Roker.