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a large sharp knife for cutting or trimming meat

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The cleaver and butcher knife were wielded by Pappy from 1963 through 2013.
Deputy Commissioner of Police ( North district), Madhur Verma said that they formed a special investigation team under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police ( Sadar Bazar sub- division), Sanjay Kumar Sain and questioned local butchers as the initial probe has indicated that throat was slashed with a butcher knife.
Sentenced to prison, he had to go to extreme lengths to stay alive - even slicing an attacker's stomach with a butcher knife.
But his body language and the fact that he had pulled a large butcher knife from under his shirt and was waving it at me, was enough for me to know that he didn't want me yelling in his area He was an older man, and his whole tirade sort of interested me.
One of them reportedly cut her on the right arm with a butcher knife, and then they "took off running because they knew the building was fixing to be flooded with students and teachers," Schaumburt told the March 19th Mobile Register.
For butchering, the Game-Processor has a 3-inch caping knife, a 4-inch skinner, a 5 1/2-inch bonning/fillet knife, and an 8-inch Bowie-style butcher knife for carving turkeys, roasts, and steaks.
According to police investigations, Tomita allegedly stabbed his younger brother, Eiji, several times in the chest and other parts of his body with a butcher knife inside a rental car in the town of Oguni at around 2 a.
When the officers arrived at the daycare, Officer Hyatt approached the front of the building, made contact with the employee, and observed the suspect holding a butcher knife to the throat of a 22-month-old child.
The signs couldn't be said to be propitious: A psychiatrist had warned that he was still dangerous, and the state had unsuccessfully tried to revoke his parole, saying he'd waved a butcher knife at a caseworker at his halfway house.
On Hallowe'en night, the plot turns more serious that they planned, and Jake is stabbed with a butcher knife.
In the end he threatens to use his own butcher knife on her.
Now wearing a pale white mask, dark blue jumpsuit and wielding a butcher knife, Myers begins stalking three teenager girls - Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends Annie Brackett (Nancy Kyes) and Lynda van der Klok (P.
He is accused of threatening his longtime girlfriend's then-17-year-old son with a butcher knife during a family argument.
According to news reports from the San Bernardino County Sun, Redlands police were called to the scene at Orange Street and Lugonia Avenue on Friday night with reports that a man at the intersection was driving a 10-inch butcher knife into passenger-occupied vehicles.
A parolee was sentenced Monday to almost 10 years in prison for attacking his girlfriend with a butcher knife during an argument in September.