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a thick wooden slab formed by bonding together thick laminated strips of unpainted hardwood

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The wooden butcher block top is fastened to a metal frame to prevent warping and provide ample support for the load.
Providing a convenient workstation at repair sites, they are offered with a selection of work surfaces, including durable butcher block and galvanized steel.
Butcher block culled from sustainably harvested woods is a beautiful and reliable option.
The wreaths were placed beside the butcher block on which it is believed Emmett's head was cut off with a knife.
Once it's cooled down enough, we cut the meat in our,kitchen on the counter, on a butcher block to protect the counter.
Students then created a life size model of their famous person on rolled poster or butcher block paper.
If such arguments have frightened you away from slicing, dicing, or boning on wood, you may be able to bring your butcher block out of retirement.
The butcher block candlelit tables reflect a soft glow of light off the butter yellow walls and framed artwork.
New Old caught the attention of Better Homes and Gardens by transforming a builder basic oak kitchen into a cottage retreat by incorporating custom upgrades such as new cabinets, heart-pine wood plank range hood, honed carrera marble countertops, and a custom build furniture style island with a walnut stained butcher block top.
Wood grain on the teak table and butcher block countertops unifies the spaces.
A kitchen knife, pulled from a butcher block in the kitchen, was still in her chest.
The re-fitted kitchen has white high-gloss units, stainless steel finish appliances and butcher block roll-edge worktop.
To keep your butcher block in tip-top shape, rub a light coat of mineral oil into the wood after each cleaning.