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a flammable alcohol derived from butanes and used for solvents

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The Saudi Butanol Company Limited (SaBuCo) was established as a joint venture involving three partners: Saudi Kayan, the Saudi Acrylic Acid Company (SAAC), and Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara), said the statement.
Omar Al Amoudi, chairman of Saudi Kayan, thanked the partners, the board of directors of the Saudi Butanol Company, and all employees of the company for this achievement.
Sabuco is a special purpose joint venture company established by Sadara, Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company and Saudi Acrylic Acid Company for the purposes of owning and funding a butanol production plant.
To produce butanol most economically, we will need to produce it from agricultural byproducts, not from dedicated crops," says Qureshi, who works in the ARS Bioenergy Research Unit in Peoria, Illinois.
Butanol is a higher alcohol that is mainly produced through oxo-synthesis of propylene.
The by far largest share of butanol output, almost 1.
3 million) contract to South Korea's Daelim Construction Co to build a butanol plant; Sabuco shareholders
The Saudi Butanol Company, which will produce butanol to support the growth of the paints and coatings industry in Saudi Arabia, will be located at Tasnee Petrochemicals Complex in Jubail Industrial City and operated by Tasnee.
factory using the process to produce acetone and butanol closed in 1965.
They plan to use bacteria to feed on the leftovers from the whisky-making process to make butanol, which can be used to power cars.
Acetone butanol ethanol (ABE) fermentation by Clostridium acetobutylicum is one of the oldest known industrial fermentations.
FOR JAMIE HESTEKIN AND the team that has already developed a way to create butanol from algae, among the next steps is partnering with the private sector in an effort to create jobs.
has raised the funds to build a facility that will produce 2 million gallons of butanol annually, a fuel that is chemically similar to ethanol, but offers some important advantages.