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active work of little value


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The artist's occasional silly strolls through cutouts of his famous masterwork proved less intrusive than the art restorers' plot-irrelevant busywork had been, and the noisy problems with projections and moving scenery seemed, after the intermission, to have been sorted out.
I think that schools suck the ability to think independently from a child, replacing true wisdom with the busywork of a knowledge of facts, disguising the accumulation of facts as education.
Administrative machinery is intolerably complex and laden with mindless busywork.
CEOs who can cut through the clutter to focus on the most important, most strategic issues have a competitive advantage over those CEOs who become bogged down in busywork.
Teachers often leave busywork behind, or no work at all.
So if your producers are spending too much time in the office and your service staff berate the busywork that keeps them from meeting expectations and being more productive, consider process improvement as an approach that can deliver quick, yet meaningful wins and empower your people to be the engines of growth for your organization.
Once you've set it up, you've eliminated the monthly busywork involved in statement processing, errors that can occur, and the awkward and time-consuming follow-up required for late or unpaid statements.
Second, doing away with regulatory busywork is not irrational; it's the exact opposite of irrational.
For instance, students who are doing well might not be required to do what, to them, amounts to busywork.
Bishop Rinehart has me imagining telling my dean that I am going to give up some committee time and seminary busywork for Lent and spend that time studying Scripture.
But for many involved during and after the disaster, including Mitchell, the grieving process has been masked by busywork, a way for some to avoid thinking about all that they had witnessed.
He also recommends that the Pentagon streamline bloated bureaucracies that often do duplicative and unnecessary busywork.
You think that chore will just take a few minutes, but over time, all the busywork adds up.
Otherwise, there is a risk of being content with busywork and activities that may not be moving the company in the appropriate direction for desired results.
These verdicts he confined to intimates; but he sometimes displayed a terrifying temper in public also, and it is painful to contemplate how much energy he needed to waste on the ego-stroking busywork of musical administration--for which he had little, if any, natural aptitude--when he should have been creating more masterpieces.