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Synonyms for busywork

active work of little value


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The vast majority of physicians find it to be costly, time-devouring busywork.
Up to this point, it's seemingly been more about busywork and aimless button-clicking than meaningful work.
Designed to eliminate busywork, the platform also simplifies repetitive tasks with templates and automated workflows.
If all the travel, meetings, phone calls, and busywork are eating into hours you would otherwise be spending at home or on a much-needed vacation, use these tools to get work under control and make more room in your life for living.
His philosophy was to run a small team where everyone would be occupied with no time for busywork.
Everyone talks about physical toning, but we need emotional toning as well, a way to give the mind a rest from busywork and raise our body-centered energy.
Updating your materials can feel like busywork, but remember that these images may be your first impression: Keep them specific to your target audience and recalibrate your look with every call you attend.
The navy gave the boys busywork to occupy their time.
Generally it frees up pharmacists from busywork so that they can spend more time talking to patients, which is great," Umbreit says.
Not only does this bill infringe on the rights of responsible citizens -- non-criminals -- but it is a diversion of scarce police resources and talents away from actual crime-fighting to busywork.
The ease of the Internet can reduce busywork and free up time, but even Google autocomplete won't tell us how to fill the time we've saved.
Intel reduced unnecessary emails by encouraging leaders to help employees understand that email busywork would not advance their careers.
When designing alternative clinical experiences, it is important to look for experiences that meet course and clinical objectives --not just busywork for students.
It cripples further whatever market still exists, loading on more force, coercion, penalties, busywork, [and] cost.
The artist's occasional silly strolls through cutouts of his famous masterwork proved less intrusive than the art restorers' plot-irrelevant busywork had been, and the noisy problems with projections and moving scenery seemed, after the intermission, to have been sorted out.