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Synonyms for busyness

the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity


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He reminded me of the intimate web of relationships that form the body of Christ, and pointed out that when one of us slows down the busyness of daily life and rests in God, we all rest--being, which is the energy of doing.
Managers fall into the busyness habit when they allow weeks and months drift by, drifting from activity to activity without stopping to consider if what they're doing is making any difference.
Such places are so important as a haven in the midst of the hi-tech busyness of modern life.
Some people would rather have all their family around them and feel supported by their presence and distracted by the busyness.
In fact, the change from the very busyness of the role is something that will take some getting used to, as it will be a very different lifestyle for me.
In a time of technological saturation and chronic busyness, the Wild Detectives proves that a bookstore can be a second home to those seeking a cup of coffee and a great book.
American busyness and chronic high levels of work-related stress have become news fodder of late, as the United States seemingly continues to earn its moniker of the most overworked nation among the developed Western countries.
Gallaher's own words, "Everyone who has let fear or busyness or any reason good or bad get in the way of achieving your highest goals and long-held dreams, and isn't that everyone?
They also noted that common barriers to good hand hygiene were bad habits (53 per cent), busyness (46 per cent), followed by glove use (38 per cent), forgetfulness (33 per cent) and poor product placement (30 per cent).
ese are words worth reecting on for all of us who nd ourselves complaining that we don't have enough time because we are trapped not by some terrible disease, but by the busyness of life.
Indeed, it may be the busyness of this, along with match day afternoons and lively music sessions on Sundays, that ensures a regular emptying of casks and thus fresh beer.
Shaikh Duaij bin Salman Al Khalifa the Chairman of the BREEF's Endurance Committee said that His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa directed the essential changing of the date to organize His Highness's Race to become on March 1 instead of March 15 in view of the Bahrain International Endurance Village busyness with hosting the Bahrain Animal Production (Marai2014) Show under the patronage of His Majesty the King.
Somehow, as pastors, we can get caught up in the busyness of ministry and can neglect our own spiritual faith lives.
In the midst of that busyness, and the stress that comes with it, the Journal poses the question, have we forgotten Sabbath?