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Synonyms for busyness

the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity


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How can you let go of other forms of busyness that do not serve you well?
McGregor also predicts that this status evaluation trend will shift when such displays of busyness become mainstream.
It's important that we take time to think about what's important to us in work and in life so that our day to day tasks and action items are in line with our goals and we're not caught up in being busy for the sake of busyness.
I absolutely love Christmas, "it's the most wonderful time of the year"I love the busyness in the hotel as the atmosphere is amazing, it makes this time of the year so magical
On this, the representative of Ministry of Finance told the court that due to his busyness in the cabinet meeting, he could not produce himself before the court.
As airports become increasingly busy, airport lounges are fast becoming a sought after commodity to get away from the general busyness of the airport for many travelers.
The early years of building a business can make advisors addicted to busyness because of the heavy demands of simply staying in business.
This is also a service for people who just need a place to rest from the busyness of the holidays.
The principles regarding time and purpose helped me recognize the danger of mistaking busyness and distracting activity as productive purpose; this becomes an important reminder of the importance of prioritizing.
The funny part here is: It's self-inflicted busyness.
Moreover, Marouni linked the country's trash, electricity, and other predicaments to the politicians' busyness splitting the spoils.
This kind of silence doesn't require hours of meditation: it can be achieved through a series of simple exercises and practices that take into account an overwhelming world of busyness and noise.
It is a glorious sight to see, the energy, busyness, and productivity, but they need more space to perform and grow.