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an alert and energetic person

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John Woodward, co-founder and direc tor of Busy Bees, added: "This is fantastic news for Busy Bees, for the parents, children and staff in Burntwood and Lichfield as well as those across the UK.
In December last year Busy Bees Childcare, which was originally founded by three couples from Walsall, was sold to the Australian group in a pounds 70 million deal.
Busy Bees Childcare, the fourth-largest nursery chain in the UK, employs 1,500 staff, including 300 at offices in Lichfield, Burntwood and Fradley.
Businesses in the West Midlands should beware of busy bees, cunning cats, loyal old dogs or proud peacocks - because they could be ripping off the business.
Phil, a leading voice in healthy eating for families and Busy Bees, the UK's largest childcare provider, are aiming to reduce these statistics by addressing healthy eating challenges in young children.
More than 45 youngsters at the Busy Bees playgroup took part and hope to have raised between pounds 50 and pounds 100 to buy new equipment and toys.
Parents of children who attend the Busy Bees Nursery, based at Sutton Coldfield College's Great Barr campus on Aldridge Road, said they had been told it was to close down next July.
The deal, part of a pounds 27 million investment by Lichfield-based Busy Bees, makes it the second biggest provider of childcare in the country, with 4,000 places.
Debbie Farndon, whose three-year-old daughter goes to the Busy Bees Nursery, said: "Staff were told it would be closed in July, which breaks the agreement to close in 2011.
Under a scheme devised by Mr Morris in partnership with Lichfield-based childcare company Busy Bees, employees receive childcare vouchers as part of their salary package.
Lottery bosses have also awarded the Busy Bees Pre-School in Stratford pounds 36,125 for new purpose-built premises.
Anyone who has booked wedding flowers from Busy Bees is urged to call Mrs Wheatley at the shop on 01203 327242.
The demand for childcare is 'so great' Margaret believes Busy Bees - which recently introduced a National Insurance-exempt childcare voucher scheme - has merely scratched the surface in terms of accommodating that demand.
It is the fourth company Busy Bees has acquired since it was backed with a pounds 50 million expansion war chest by the venture capital house Gresham Trust in February this year.
Youngsters at Busy Bees nursery, based at South Staffs Water, Green Lane, Walsall, enjoyed a host of activities from Down Under.