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Synonyms for buster

an informal form of address for a man


Related Words

a person who breaks horses

a person (or thing) that breaks up or overpowers something

a person born in the generation following the baby boom when the birth rate fell dramatically

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The Fraud Buster was built following more than two years of anti-fraud pattern learnings and statistical modeling, using a combination of machine learning, big data and human experience.
Buster loves company, and everyone he greets, whether two or four-legged, he just wants to be their best friend.
Unfortunately, Henry - unable to realize that the grass is always greener on the other side - lets his jealousy of Buster and his freedoms take over and show itself in a disappointing way.
Buster eats Cesar Chef's Choice dog food and likes his treats of chicken and steak.
She took Buster to her local PDSA PetAid hospital, where he had an operation to remove the lead.
CAN YOU HELP The Dogs Trust in Darlington is looking for a home for Buster which is near the sea
for the 12 weeks ended December 27, 2009, Sinus Buster posted the highest growth rate by far for dollar sales in the nasal sprays/drops/inhalers category to reach the No.
Wendy, aged 55, said: "We've owned Buster all his life so it was a very anxious time for us when he went missing.
A message on the Twitter feed created for another of O'Grady's dogs, Olga - who was affectionately known as Buster's sister - said late last night: "Hate to tell you this folks but Buster died tonight.
A note on the show's website added: "We're very sad to tell you all that Buster died yesterday after a short illness.
PLUCKY Buster Martin is taking time out from work to train for the London Marathon - aged 101.
JOHN MULLINS landed a one-two in the Fengate Collar at Peterborough on Saturday when sending out Blonde Buster to lead home kennelmate Black Taxi in the pounds 2,000 Alan Speechley-sponsored decider, writes Peter Meldrum.
Buster, manufactured by Challs International, is the number-one specialist plughole care brand.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 29, 2007 - (JCN) - Trinity Security Systems announced the release of Pirates Buster for Pictures.
TELLY presenter Paul O'Grady yesterday praised vets who saved the sight of his beloved dog Buster.