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  • noun

Synonyms for buster

an informal form of address for a man


Related Words

a person who breaks horses

a person (or thing) that breaks up or overpowers something

a person born in the generation following the baby boom when the birth rate fell dramatically

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From day one Buster was the star of the show and he's been known to perform the odd circus trick or two
Julie and Dylan joined the puppy hunt but they still couldn't find little Buster.
Buster, a stray found on a motorway by Paul, will need check-ups to ensure the eye heals.
If the world's greatest military needs mini-nukes and bunker busters, lesser powers will surely wonder why their national security interests shouldn't require them as well.
He told us Buster was back with him at Aldershot and was lying at his side.
Frog watched Buster skim along beneath the surface of the water, overtaking polliwog after polliwog.
Buster was one of the last survivors of the black male fraternity The Copasetics, formed in 1949 to preserve tap and honor the late Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.
Buster goes from feeling self-conscious about his asthma to presenting a report on the condition.
He was knocked out by how the boxing fan - known to pals as Buster - had bravely battled against deadly leukaemia.
A Buster offering technological help to a Boomer would say, Here's the trick to It" instead of "Don't you know how to do that yet?
When Buster was brought into the shelter, he was wet, matted, and smelly.
The volume terminates with the pretty image of the now supposedly even more enlightened Buster seizing "the media by the hips and taking the plunge.
The offerings include items at significant door buster discounts for customers to start their holiday shopping season such as:
Born December 8, 2008, at Southeastern Guide Dogs, Buster was a Goldador puppy who had to be carefully raised for almost a year and trained for 4 weeks to learn to be a good guide dog.