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Synonyms for busman

someone who drives a bus


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Busman told Gulf News that the main idea behind the initiative is to make people socially aware and conscious of taking part in community work.
Busman Vision Pharma Founder, President & CEO sbusman@visionpharma.
In that piece, Debra Busman asserts a "no apologies" stance-"you gotta be ready to learn at least fifteen times more than what whatever it is you think you have to teach" (6)-that mirrors the spectrum of individual voices and tones in Fire and Ink that come together as a single community to offer an alternative literary history of the twentieth century.
Schulin CA, Gulland F, Doucette G J, Benson S, Busman M, Chavez FP, et al.
Mase B, Jones W, Ewing R, Bossart G, Van Dolah F, Leighfield T, Busman M, Litz J, Roberts B, Rowles T.
Sander Busman, President & CEO of Vision Pharma said "We are very pleased with the result.
But the millionaire busman said he reserved the right to appeal against the conditions.
Dad had become a busman years earlier, so I thought I would try my hand at bus driving.
Meanwhile, following Stagecoach's plan to withdraw their X55 Aberdare to Swansea service from April 22, busman Clayton Jones has applied to registernbsp; services to Swansea from April 24.
One of the organisers, Winston Talbot, who is in his 40th year as a busman, said: "We shall have former employees from right down south, to as far as north as Scotland.
CONTACT: Ellen Resnick, 312-553-8724, or Diane Busman, 312-553-8782, for Kemper Securities Group/ CO: Kemper Securities Group ST: Illinois IN: FIN SU: ECO
Busman Steve Hynes kept passengers waiting an hour while he tended an old lady bleeding on the pavement.