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The Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development has responsibility for the business sector in Barbados.
A source from the Food Industries Holding Company said the Ministry of Supply has submitted a proposal to the cabinet, demanding a legislative amendment to the public business sector law.
He stressed that there is an electronic service package that will benefit the business sector and small and medium enterprises in the months ahead.
The survey includes questions which evaluate the expectations of the business sector about investment activity dynamics, company revenues and headcount.
We significantly increased both sales and earnings with all our three business sectors contributing.
The Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber, the Chamber of Northwest Macedonia and the Macedonian-Israeli Business Club are going to put forward concrete measures next week for helping the business sector weather the political crisis.
The private business sector could utilize the services for promoting the business related to the concerned area, sources added.
In a move to focus on pharmaceutical and chemistry activities, Merck KgaA, Darmstadt, Germany, said core activities of two business sectors, specialty chemicals and laboratory products, will be restructured and combined into a single business sector called chemistry.
Business sectors of developing and transition economies, particularly small to medium sized firms; over 40% of programme delivery is targeted at least developed countries (LDCs),
In the developed countries the demand for bank credit/advances to the business sector is investigated, for example, by Hewitson (1997); Moore (1988); Moore and Threadgold (1985) Cuthbertson (1985a), etc.
We will look to his professional expertise and diverse military experience as we proceed with our newly-established business sector.
1 July to 15 September 2014 to ensure availability of current information for use by business sector and citizens across the country (India).
Further figures for March also indicate that the public business sector accounted for EGP 22.
Mobily'a MD & CEO Khalid Al-Kaf said creating the operations management center of information security began immediately after the signing of the strategic agreement with (IBM), in a move that reflects both parties' devotion to touch the needs of the business sector as well as the utmost importance of information security in the workflow within the business sector in various directions.