business relationship

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a formal contractual relationship established to provide for regular banking or brokerage or business services

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6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - The dynamic impact of strategic business relationships is revealed in a new book by award-winning author and Canadian businessman, Tom Enright.
Still, more of these well-planned business relationships are ending in the courts.
And when business relationships go sour, the polled executives cited an inability to collaborate and integrate, not simply operationally but interpersonally and culturally, as well.
this spring geared toward northern companies anxious to build business relationships inside the fastest growing U.
Instead, the keys to a successful business relationship are seen as efficiency and reliability, with over half of businesses in the North West mentioning these factors as important.
Although communication fundamentals such as clarity, credibility and trust underlie the virtual business relationship as they do any other, the added challenge is to master the equipment and techniques so that you can put your virtual business partner at ease.
This would eliminate any argument that an established business relationship is not legitimate.
When the business relationship is headed for "Splitsville," the first step is to face it head-on.
Clarifying whether the partners are going to be equal or not is fundamental to a clear business relationship.
It is Noble's position that Cogent has consistently placed false advertisements which misinterpret the orders of the Court and has falsely claimed to have entered into a valid business relationship with the company.
NAR supported provisions of the new rules which clarify the responsibilities of businesses when sending unsolicited faxes and implement the JFPA's new consumer right to "opt out" of receiving faxes even from those with whom the recipient has an established business relationship.
We've had a successful business relationship with Golden Oval Eggs for several years," Willardson said.
Most recently, Ende served as Vice President and Small Business Banking Area Manager, where he led a team of 26 small business professionals, including 20 small business relationship managers.
The second major business relationship with MyE is the recently announced Joint Venture.
03, the award-winning solution for business relationship management, team-based contact management and sales forces automation from FrontRange Solutions, has been recognized by CMP Media's VARBusiness magazine as one of the 2006 Top 45 Best of the Midmarket products.
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