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a relation between different business enterprises

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With more than 2,600 members and 300 joint venture companies in the United States and India, the IACC plays a dynamic role in promoting business relations between the two countries.
The official warned that this would have serious consequences for ZTE Pakistan and even some third party those who are in business relations with ZTE Pakistan such as cellular companies may also be affected by the imposed ban on importation on ZTE Pakistan.
CNGC has been proven to be a trusted supplier of efficient gold processing equipment, as evidenced by its continuing business relations with more than 40 firms outside China, including some of the biggest mining companies in Russia and Eastern Europe," E.
org) is a membership-based non-profit association, founded in 1976 to foster trade and business relations between the United States and Taiwan.
This influential group of leaders are joining forces to help harness and foster business relations between the U.
In the Board of Directors' Report, the Board outlines Elekta's continuous work in the area of business and operations responsibility and how the Elekta Code of Conduct is implemented in the organization and in the company's business relations.
Day will assume the role of Atlanta Office Manager, and DWA Principal Rod Wilburn will oversee business relations.
Dempsey as the Director for Small Business Relations for its Customer Solutions business.
The lawsuit also sought damages for harm caused by Fleetwood to Turning's and Responsive's business relations and for unfair competition.
While the Sputnik Group, the Drake Group and Field Nominees do not have any agreement, commitment or understanding, either formal or informal, among them, and do not believe that they are acting jointly and in concert, due to certain historical business relations among them, they have decided to comply with the early warning disclosure requirements that are applicable to parties who are acting jointly and in concert under Canadian securities legislation.
Calpine recently engaged in inappropriate behind-the-scenes actions that resulted in a tremendous interruption in certain of UCE's business relations, without any chance for UCE to object or defend against Calpine's unlawful actions," said David Veiseh, chief operating officer of UCE.
The report is of particular interest to managers of oil and gas companies that maintain, or are going to establish, business relations with Gazprom.
In conjunction with managing business relations between GRS and all VISA regions worldwide, Verdelli was responsible for systems design, development, and implementation for VISA's level III data applications.
The Dushanbe Business Forum 2013 meant to create linkages and business relations between Tajikistan and the private sector community in OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries.
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