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people who transact business (especially business executives)

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There is one clear and consistent theme: small business people must be consulted before, during and after regulations are formulated, in order to help determine their cost-benefit effect and over-all impact.
marketplaceMCI gives our customers a completely new arena where business people can distribute, browse for and purchase products and services without leaving their desks -- the electronic business-to- business mall has opened," said Price.
One is the experience that business people acquire by participating on a Projects With Industry Business Advisory Council.
Determining the value of private businesses and professional practices has always been a challenge - both for business people and professionals.
Ms Bhengu said the Committee was satisfied with its first day in Soweto and encouraged business people to return to work in Soweto as soon as the situation stabilises.
Matthew Scholey, of Eddisons, said: 'The tennis day is a fun way of encouraging people to get away from the office for a few hours and meet other like-minded local business people in an informal and relaxed environment.
We need real business people to encourage their creativity, pass on tips and judge ideas.
Isaac Barcelona, executive director of the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce, said he hears no negative remarks from local business people to the store.
The conference will be of particular interest to a broad range of attendees-from post-secondary students and young professionals, to aspiring entrepreneurs and established business people, to community leaders and corporate decision-makers, as well as to new (and potential) residents of Northern Ontario.
A UK-wide mobile working study of 200 people by Continental Research, in partnership with IBM's personal computing division, shows that 44 per cent of business people in the Midlands use a notebook PC.
uk has been written by business people for business people and is endorsed by all of the government agencies and departments that deal with the 3.
The aim is to find business people willing to share experience, skills and expertise with their peers.
As California residents and business people, understanding the state's finances can help us prepare ourselves--and our clients--for the future.
We are encouraging our business people to continue to visit the market and communicate with their business contacts.
It also allows business people to search beyond their local banks and other familiar lenders, and access available capital throughout the country.
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