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NORTH East business organisations are freezing membership fees to help cash-strapped companies through the economic downturn.
Speaking at the 20th anniversary IAB annual dinner at the International Convention Centre, chairman Arun Bajaj said that despite being one of the largest Asian business organisations in the country, he looked forward to a time when the IAB would be defunct.
Mrs Bains, who is also editor of the English section of the Sikh Times, said: 'It is a huge honour take over the leadership of such an important business organisation.
On the one hand by laying down a clear and general legal framework favourable for business organisations, and on the other hand by protecting the interests of consumers.
Members of EIBA expressed their opposition to EBDA representative Muhammad al-Damardash's involvement in planning the trip's itinerary and allegedly "getting in between the President and businessmen," saying that the invitation to participate in the trip was not extended to elected and official business organisations.
Hassan Malek, EBDA's president, stated that the company has always tried to work side by side with Egypt's other private business organisations.
By providing extra support for the work of these business organisations, the Government will help to build the personal relationships so vital to doing business in Asia.
Tourism bodies and business organisations had argued that the repeal of the rules would severely hit holiday accommodation providers across North and mid Wales.
Aa For thousands of business organisations, the use of cloud computing is often seen as the best alternative to traditional expensive on-premise solutions that are inflexible, have the burden of capital investment and are more risky with disruptive upgrade cycles and unexpected costs.
World-renowned expert to discuss tools and knowledge required to protect business organisations from insolvency
Labor's proposal to scrap key components of the Howard government's IR laws and inject fairness into workplace laws provoked an hysterical response from business organisations.
Two of the UK's leading business organisations have featured a North Wales company as a role model for staff training and community work.
We are working with the CBI and other business organisations to listen to what you have to say.
However, whilst doing all of this, they have fundamentally failed to understand the way that business organisations are utilising their products; it is this basic failure that is holding back organisations from working smarter with the data assets that they hold.
ECI Telecom (NASDAQ:ECIL) today announced that SK Group, Korea's third largest conglomerate and one of the leading business organisations in Asia, has deployed its XDM(R) MultiService Provisioning Platform (MSPP) equipment in a multi-million dollar project to advance its existing network in preparation for 3G.
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