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The CBO Solution is quickly becoming one of the leading providers of Critical Access Hospital Business Office solutions in the West, servicing rural providers.
The ability to answer these questions--both generally and in moderate detail--requires that, first and foremost, the Business office and Financial Aid have full viewing access to each other's screens within the campus enterprise system (e.
This award recognizes our Small Business Office, the Acquisition Directorate, and the Command," said Lucas.
Your business office can start with a "courtesy call" to make sure that the statement was received.
In a healthy dealership the revenue "pie" is divided along these lines: 50% to 60% of gross from new-car sales, 30% to 35% from used-car sales, and the rest from parts, service and the business office.
Accordis has a long history of helping hospitals improve cash collections, at a lower cost to collect, through a full range of revenue cycle services, including total business office outsourcing.
Since 1997, ARx has been focused on providing business office operations services and revenue cycle assistance to hospitals and other healthcare service provider organizations.
March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's Pass Through Business Office has won a national award from the Federation of Tax Administrators.
The business office would apply the aid toward any outstanding tuition and fees; then, if the amount of the aid exceeded the amount owed the university, the office would calculate the net to be returned to the student.
A Palmdale pizza shop owner was arrested Monday morning after sheriff's deputies said they found methamphetamine and heroin inside his business office.
With hospitals facing increasing economic, competitive and regulatory pressures, there is intense emphasis to begin the billing process sooner, generate initial and secondary claims more quickly, while increasing overall operational efficiencies within the business office.
Accordis , a leading business office outsourcing company servicing hospitals and ambulance transport providers, today announced that Williamsburg Regional Hospital in Kingstree, South Carolina will outsource its entire business office to Accordis.
The complex will house the hospital's business office, other administrative offices, home health agency and a 150-seat auditorium for board meetings and community education programs.
a leading provider of business office services for hospitals and emergency transport agencies, has merged with Zavata.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- QuadraMed Corporation (Nasdaq: QMDC) announced today it has entered into new business office outsourcing agreements with four health care provider organizations which in aggregate, are expected to generate revenues of approximately $1.
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