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a career in industrial or commercial or professional activities

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Josh Levy, director of office agency at LSH said: "Birchwood Park is considered to be one of the North West's most desirable business life locations, and it's not hard to see why.
Business Life is the world's only businessdedicated inflight magazine and is read by a potential 2.
The new Business Life magazine will look forward at trends and innovation under the heading Where Next?
Business Life is for anyone new to setting up or running a business and will be run from the University of Warwick Science Park.
Mark will be awarded the Walton Prize and a certificate for his Business Life Cycle Exam at an ICAEW ceremony in May.
In this memoir, Gerald Paul--who founded the company in 1954 and led it for forty years--traces the business life cycle of Paul Harris.
It breaks the business life cycle into four sections: understanding strategic tax planning, forming the enterprise, operating the firm and changing the original form.
The ability to retain an attitude of thanking and encouraging employees, suppliers and vendors can carry over to the same appreciation for restaurant servers, cleaning staff and others encountered throughout the hectic pace of business life.
Whether you're on the fast track or your business life has stalled, next month's issue offers you the best strategies to kick your career into high gear.
Weblogs will increasingly become an integral part of business life as a means of publishing mini-newsletters, as a place to provide links (e.
This organization plays an important role in New York City's civic and business life.
In it, he frankly and exuberantly exposed the various deceptions and "humbugs" of his early business life.
The RFU playing committee were due to meet next week to discuss Rowell's threat to quit at the end of the season because of the ever-increasing demands of his business life.
Late Tuesday afternoon, the couple got a new lease on their business life, literally, when mall managers Westfield Corp.
CHICAGO -- BDO Seidman, LLP, one of the nation's leading accounting and consulting organizations, released the findings of its annual board compensation study which tracks board compensation by business life cycle, revenue segments and industries.
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