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the central area or commercial center of a town or city

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The Las Vegas Global Business District is the single most important economic development project in the state, and it will generate thousands of good-paying jobs and help lay a strong economic foundation for the benefit of the entire community.
It's an exciting period at the Hampton Business District and everyone at Rechler Equity Partners joins me in welcoming such a beloved and iconic Long Island institution as Tate's Bake Shop.
Michele Wilby, executive director at Colmore Business District, added: "Our vibrant food and drink scene continues to grow, and our food festival is a fantastic way to give people a taste of what's on offer all year round, all within five minutes of Victoria Square.
From the latest in sustainable design and green technology to far-reaching amenities that will attract a diverse cross-section of industries, The Hampton Business District is in a class all its own.
Snow Hill lies in Birmingham's commercial heartland and the extension of the peak time faster service was in large part in response to lobbying by Colmore Business District.
Business and city leaders gathered at a launch event to celebrate the completion of Church Street Square in Birmingham city centre, a joint venture between Colmore Business District (CBD) and Birmingham City Council, on May 11.
A consultant was selected by the South Lake Business District who assisted in the development of the detail elements of the plan in FY 2007.
Situated in the Central Business District of Washington, D.
Curiously, Manhattan, mother of CBDs, has many lessons to teach about creating business districts and the buildings which form them.
Hyatt Regency Santiago, catering to both business and leisure travelers' needs, is perfectly located 25 km from Santiago International Airport and 8 km from the city's business district.
The company is working on other planning efforts for the city, including the project to revitalize the areas immediately to the north and to the northeast of the downtown business district.
This book from the International Downtown Association is for students and practitioners of business district management.
The market will return again to the Colmore Business District (CBD) on May 31 between 9am and 5:30pm.
Mr Rice will address the summit on the importance of mixed use development in creating a sustainable business district in the 21st Century.
The children's hospital site will be key to plans for the new business district homes.
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