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a particular instance of buying or selling

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Former Office of Government Ethics (OGE) chief Walter Shaub told the Times that the New Jersey business deal could lead to Kushner having "leverage" over the President, who transferred management of the Trump Organization to his two adult sons before taking office last year.
This was the maiden business deal to be ratified with Indian industry.
In fact, the man who lifted the European Cup Winners' Cup for the Reds reckons the new business deals will be great for the playing side at Pittodrie.
The Business Deal report says they will "make prestigious and accessible sites close to the M62 available to support expansion of the sector, well connected to digital infrastructure, labour markets and trade routes".
Furthermore, 61% will forsake holiday plans to win a business deal and all respondents said they would work as late as required, putting an evening with the family into second place.
He said: "We don't see it as an association with the tobacco industry but a simple business deal.
Glasby's group also deals extensively with the banking community to arrange financing for EDS business deals.
ISLAMABAD, December 16, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Industrial Area police Islamabad has arrested a fraudster who struck a business deal of Rs 25 million with a construction company and took away the iron material after presenting them bogus cheques, a police spokesman said.
Mr Levy never admitted to his wife he had made a dangerous enemy in Patrick Smith by conning him in a business deal.
Rubalcava, however, said it is simply a business deal for a contract on the DWP-owned airport, over which Inyo County officials want more control for increased development.
Jason Stevens of Los Angeles needed to fly to Thailand on three days notice to close a business deal but couldn't afford the $3,900 roundtrip airfare.
GLENDALE - Dozens of Glendale residents at the City Council meeting Tuesday urged city leaders to move forward with the $264 million Town Center development, saying it was a fair business deal for the city and for developer Rick Caruso.
You must treat your wedding services like any other business deal," says Ostroff.
Testimony before the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee revealed that the Irvine-based company committed to a business deal with an institutional investor then could not deliver the goods.
Still, if you've closed an important business deal, you may be in the mood to celebrate.
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