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the body of individuals who manage businesses


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Muneer and Iftikhar Ali Malik are charismatic leaders with exceptional qualities and they devoted their lives to promote business community of the country.
Saqib Rafiq congratulated Government and business community for the achievement of this historical milestone and he also thanks Hanif Abbasi, Zahid Saeed and all business community representatives for their participation.
Kenya is a gateway to Central African countries and Pakistani Business community should utilize this opportunities for exploring new markets for introducing their products.
Talking to the representatives of business community in his office, he said business community was the backbone of the national economy and the local administration would take every possible step to facilitate them.
But the business community -- which had organized what had been expected to be a bitter and costly referendum on an earlier version of the ordinance -- also opposed the revised measure and said it could challenge it in court.
The process of developing a model agreement that (1) adheres to the stated goals of simplification and modernization, (2) allows state tax administrators to garner the support of state legislators and (3) provides a framework that the business community can tolerate, has been challenging.
The Hispanic business community is among this country's fastest-growing and most significant sectors," noted Medina.
With the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce, HCC created the Housatonic Research Institute to provide free high-quality, low-cost strategic planning data to the business community and other interested constituencies.
TEI can represent the business community only if we hear from you, not only about "big picture" topics (such as consumption taxes, the merits or demerits of a territorial system, and corporate rates) but on smaller ones as well.
This is an example of how the business community can really get involved in a very creative way," Harlan said.
With considerable input from FEI and the business community, Thomas realized that the elimination of the rabbi trust would have effectively eliminated deferred compensation programs altogether.
name, our mission or our focus to champion the success and struggles of the northern business community.
But the pundits failed to take into account a number of circumstances that augured well for passage: a booming economy that has helped mute the cries of protectionists, the enormous economic benefits the United States gains from the deal, a willingness by a united business community to link PNTR to such issues as human rights, and support from a number of old-line labor Democrats.
Not surprisingly, the business community expressed immediate opposition.
Program design and philosophy, consumer choice and responsibility, coordination of services, and the relationship with the business community are presented as primary components of the program.
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