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a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation

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The business card app will let users transmit information from Apple to Android devices, for example, and between other platforms.
This smart business card will consist of all the information just like on a traditional business card but instead of passing this card to the other person, the personal or professional details can be transferred directly to their smart phone devices.
DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to obtain a contractor to provide Business Cards and Pocket Cards for use by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.
charity, I'm auctioning the only Apple Sam Sung business card I have left and
If you have already taken pictures of a business card, the app will still accept that.
Because they are a valuable marketing tool, company employees should have access to professionally designed business cards, especially if they attend events or engage with consumers on any level.
With the Visa Signature Business card, you're in control.
The application also allows the user to look up a new address captured from a business card with Google Maps without requiring it to be saved in the mobile address book.
Business cards displaying names and relevant information written vertically in Japanese ''kanji'' characters used to be the mainstay of the card industry.
A CD business card would also be especially well suited as the centerpiece of a direct-mail campaign to your primary audiences.
Noting that business cards often provide that all-important first impression, CardScan offers the following tips on effectively designing a business card, as provided by Lynella Grant, author of "The Business Card Book":
The Digital Business Card combines the strengths of two powerful mediums: CD-ROM technology and the Internet.
Designing a business card for use in another country is just like doing due diligence on an overseas partner," warns Tim Langley, director of Analysis & Intelligence Services based in Tokyo.
MOO's new Business Cards with NFC create a unique "Third Side" to the business card, allowing companies to go beyond just sharing contact information to showcasing their brand in an innovative way both offline and online.
These special QR Codes are (GIF) image files that you simply add to your business card design.
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