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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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As the shoots reach 10-12cm, pinch out the tops to boost bushy growth.
ROCKING THE FUZZY FACE IN THE 60s and 70s, young men turned towards more unkempt facial hair, with wilder moustaches often paired with a bushy beard and long hair.
The idea is to grow a tall, straight stem anything from 30-100cm with a bushy head, so in the first year, keep the young plant tied into a cane and nip out all side shoots.
Trim herbaceous geraniums using a pair of shears to remove faded flowers, helping the plants to remain bushy and produce a second flush of flowers later in the summer or early autumn.
It didn't take a lot of brainpower to come up with the name for a nerve cell that looks like a bushy, round tangle of fibers perched atop a nucleus.
Summary: After the release of historical love saga, the actor has finally bid adieu to his long and bushy moustache with the help of his co-actor
From orange lips, bushy eyebrows and white eyeliner, there is something different for everyone to try
Washington, Dec 27 ( ANI ): Researchers have determined a way to produce more tomato fruit without sacrificing that unique and necessary bushy plant shape.
The North American Bushy Park, SC, site is taking over production of the accelerator Vulkacit CZ from the Belgian plant in Kallo.
Raising awareness about health issues like prostate cancer with the handle-bar, bushy, finely trimmed or long stache only got fashionable this November.
Summary: Caught on camera: man being chased by a stag in London's Bushy Park.
They are best pruned hard every year to keep under control and maintain a good bushy habit in gardens.
Another Bell-trained charge with an excellent chance is Bushy Ace (T2) who goes in the second qualifier of the Stayers' at 1.
The snow and ice had balled onto the bushy growth of the pine needles, making the branches top heavy, resulting in branches being torn off and trees uprooted.