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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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He had a long bushy tail which he was sitting upon, as the stump was somewhat damp.
While Little John from underneath his bushy covert had much ado to keep from roaring aloud in pure joy.
His eyebrows were very massive, almost meeting over the nose, and with bushy hair that seemed to curl in its own profusion.
To get to the beach I should have to go through the trees where the shadows lurked, and down a bushy slope.
The youth sat down obediently and the cor- poral, laying aside his rifle, began to fumble in the bushy hair of his comrade.
The broad and weighty antlers of a deer, 'a stag of ten,' were fastened at the corner of the house; a fox's bushy tail was nailed beneath them; and a huge black paw lay on the ground, newly severed and still bleeding the trophy of a bear hunt.
They were about the size of a large pointer; with ears short and erect, and a long bushy tail--altogether, they bore a striking resemblance to a wolf.
John was a fine looking fellow, six feet and an inch, with large whiskers, a bushy head of hair, and particularly white teeth.
He saw instead a foreground which was just as lovely--the level sunlight lying like transparent gold among the gently curving stems of the feathered grass and the tall red sorrel, and the white ambels of the hemlocks lining the bushy hedgerows.
Only, since our last journey thither, the walls had taken a grayer tint, and the brickwork assumed a more harmonious copper tone; the trees had grown, and many that then only stretched their slender branches along the tops of the hedges, now bushy, strong, and luxuriant, cast around, beneath boughs swollen with sap, great shadows of blossoms of fruit for the benefit of the traveler.
in height; strongly built, sallow complexion, black hair, a little bald in the centre, bushy, black side-whiskers and moustache; tinted glasses, slight infirmity of speech.
I have a fine long bushy tail, which almost looks like a plume of red feathers.
But the little brother, like those young trees which deceive the gardener's hopes and turn obstinately to the quarter whence they receive sun and air, the little brother did not grow and did not multiply, but only put forth fine bushy and luxuriant branches on the side of laziness, ignorance, and debauchery.
He was a London boy, with a loutish air, a heavy fellow with the beginnings of a moustache on his lip and bushy eyebrows that joined one another across the bridge of his nose.
He cast happy, sidelong glances at his son from under his thick, bushy eyebrows.