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lying in ambush

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I had a lot of contacts from my GE days, but I still had to do a lot of bushwhacking and knocking on doors to see if anyone had something they wanted to check for leaks.
On one side were his fellow party members' expectations of revenge for Purvanov bushwhacking Dyankov, and on the other hand were his ties with Purvanov, with whom Borissov always claimed to have had a good relationship.
might have killed the employee for embezzling from the company; he might have killed the employee in self-defense; he might have killed the employee as retribution for bushwhacking his piano.
Quirky, dark and laugh out loud funny, The Incredibly Ordinary Danny Chandelier takes the reader on an exciting adventure involving Kashmiri Mongra saffron, strenuous bushwhacking, translucent spiders and more.
For example, follow a ridge instead of bushwhacking through a thick ravine, or follow a creek that will lead you right to your destination instead of going straight up and over a steep peak.
Continue along the ridgecrest, bushwhacking northeast down through a forest.
You waylaid this man, effectively bushwhacking him.
IT'S late afternoon and, after several hours of strenuous bushwhacking along steep slopes through dense forest, an excited shout comes from the front of the group.
Stay on the main trail and turn back anytime; if you don't mind a little bushwhacking, follow the route about a mile to Diamond Heights.
offers invaluable preparedness techniques, discreet stash management practices, bushwhacking smarts for cutting pattern jungles, gauge hazards and yarn mysteries, first responder tactics to handle antagonistic non-practitioners, foolproof methods for eye-balling measurements, improvisational recipes for the resourceful knitter for socks, hats, scarves, and shawls, and much more.
The Bushwhacking of two leading scientists who disagree with him from the President's Bioethics Council, and the FDA's three-month delay on the over-the-counter status of Plan B emergency contraception, are two more telling examples.
John Powell had a massive heart attack after confronting the youths who are thought to have been bushwhacking - leaping from the road through his hedge into the garden.
Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bushwhacking of America' accuses the Bush administration of illegally attacking Iraq.
To be sure, one can use official sources to identify uniformed Confederates who turned to bushwhacking after being caught behind enemy lines.