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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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As you would expect of prairie plants, the three-H's all prefer full-sun situations and deep, rich soil, and are best pinched and staked to improve their bushiness and increase the displays of bloom.
It is also worth pinching out the young growth to encourage bushiness.
When they reach 6 inches, pinch back tops to maintain bushiness.
Winners will be judged on length, bushiness and scruffiest categories, as well as "best in show," Williams said.
Alongside a bony-headed, loose-lipped camel, a goat stands to attention, the shine of its wiry bushiness painted with patient genius, lock by tawny lock.
One thinks immediately, say, of Count Claudio Volpe, Italian art historian and kingpin of a worldwide cocaine cartel, who stands almost seven feet tall and "looked a lot like Gabby Hayes, except that his hair, nearly knee length, acquired by asstime a tail-of-Trigger bushiness, and had the consistency of thin yellow-white straw" (49).
When they reach around 20cm high, pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushiness.
Todd Morgan, CEO of Strauss Coffee, said today: "Our acquisition of the Ambassador brand further enhances our competitive position in the Russian and CIS markets, and is another phase in developing our instant coffee bushiness on top of the Le Cafe transaction in Q4 last year.
When the plants are 20cm (8in) tall, pinch out the tips to promote bushiness.
Pinch off new growth at planting time to develop bushiness.
For increased bushiness, prune out around one third of the older stems in March.
Dwarf varieties make excellent edging if you pinch out growing points on the young stems to promote bushiness.
With regional offices in 16 strategic locations around the world, Steele's solutions respond to the complexity of doing bushiness in today's fluid, outsourced marketplace.
And just to kick-start everything, I would lightly pinch out young plants - this means removing the growing tip back to a pair of buds which will encourage bushiness and more flowers.