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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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And Matthew Kelly and Warren Clarke appear sporting some of the bushiest hairpieces ever seen on TV.
But then I realised what was missing from the giant's head - the bushiest Afro haircut I have ever seen.
Tomorrow night the holder of the title of the bushiest eyebrows in easy listening, Chris ``Lady in Red'' De Burgh brings his current tour to the arena.
However, if you note carefully the bushiest plants with the best colours and most flowers, and take seed only from those, you can immediately start to improve your stock.
Now the 10 residents of Curlers Court sheltered housing complex in the Clack- mannanshire town are all set for Santa coming after I branched out to get them the bushiest tree available.
greggii is the bushiest and strongest grower, with the pink-flowered one a close second, and salmon-flowered versions just behind pink.
This gent has the bushiest beard, loudly clicking false teeth and the meanest streak imaginable, even rationing use of the stair carpet.
The former 007 was given the honour by Cadbury's chocolate after a survey revealed his brows are by far the bushiest of them all.
The wide-eyed, baby face that made him a star in Blow-Up and Barbarella is long gone, replaced by a well lived in look, not to mention the bushiest pair of eyebrows this side of Dennis Healey, which has left him much in demand for character roles.