bushel basket

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a basket large enough to hold a bushel

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On snorkel excursions, it's possible to survey giant clams, below, which thrive in the island's fringing reef; some are as big as bushel baskets.
We ACEI folk are very good about hiding our ACEI involvement under a bushel basket and keeping it to ourselves.
I remember thinking it took "forever" to empty a bushel basket and we had two of them
Wal-Mart is a non-union grocery behemoth, stealing market share by the bushel basket, and forcing traditional grocery stores to narrow their already thin profit margins more and more every day.
In the gospel it says when you have the light, you cannot hide it under a bushel basket.
Hogs are created with their heads on the wrong end, I decided, and the best way to get one of these muckers up the ramp was by putting a bushel basket over her head and pushing her backwards.
The church cannot remain on the sidelines and cannot keep the light of Christ under a bushel basket.
Is a lamp brought in to be put under a bushel basket, or under a bed, and not on a stand?
Visitors to the site can easily locate such information as how to plant a mixed lettuce bushel basket that can be harvested for a ready made salad or how to dry herbs for use in cooking or as home made potpourri.
seeds: bushel basket, dippers, speckled swan and big apple.
But modern-day speech therapy would have spared his coming to our door one day carrying a bushel basket and delivering this model of obfuscation: "I want thum torn.
Despite our loss of clerical support and status, we married priests have not put our light under a bushel basket.
For Joe and Christine Weber of Woodland Hills, a typical day's harvest includes a flat of tomatoes, a dozen peaches and a bushel basket of grapefruit, along with assorted onions, peppers and squash.
Stevens Company Cupola Bank, Circa late 1800s - the smallest of three similarly styled cast iron banks by the company, which became the first to produce the now famous penny bank with patented coin traps Bushel Basket Register Bank, Circa 1901 - commemorative issue Nicol & Company cast iron bank from the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York Hole-Eye Pig, Circa 1925 - made in Austria, this earthenware pig with hole-eyes is among the earliest quality pig banks to be manufactured Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse Tin Bank, Circa 1938 - silk-screened tin bank with marked slots for nickels, dimes and quarters Ohio Art Metal Globe Bank, Circa 1950s/1960s - made of tin with its original tin trap on the bottom and a lithographed message that reads, "World Bank - As You Save So You Prosper"
The scripture passage about hiding your light under a bushel basket resonates at such times.