bushel basket

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a basket large enough to hold a bushel

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He knows the words to the same songs you do, and he doesn't mind that you can't carry a tune in a bushel basket.
As a registered dietician, Boice and her husband, Chris, formed Galloping Garden, a small business that delivers a bushel basket of fresh fruits and vegetables to locals and tourists on Kauai.
When IHEs hide their light under a bushel basket (as my grandfather used to say) they have no one to blame but themselves.
I think Indianapolis is the hidden light under the bushel basket," he said.
Dig a hole the size of a bushel basket and dump in compost or rotted manure.
For long putts during actual play, imagine you're putting into a bushel basket, not that tiny cup you can barely see across the green.
This latest does not attempt to hide those achievements under a bushel basket as one sees in the sub-title.
When I switch back and start putting to the cup, it seems as big as a bushel basket.
The light of such remarkable successes ought not be held under a bushel basket.
Then along came third-party reimbursement for prescriptions, with relatively low average ticket claims by the bushel basket.
Social HMOs have been hidden under a bushel basket in away, but I think now they will become more visible.
Cognizant, as few were at the time, of the amplitude and excellence of African American culture, he was troubled that it would constantly remain a light hid under a bushel basket.
We ACEI folk are very good about hiding our ACEI involvement under a bushel basket and keeping it to ourselves.
When I bring in the bushel basket, apples fill the kitchen with their sweet breath.