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Synonyms for bushel

Synonyms for bushel

a United States dry measure equal to 4 pecks or 2152

a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 pecks

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Quahogs Must Be Delivered In Half Or Full Bushel Amounts Within The Annually Permitted Time Period (april 15th Thru October 31st).
Preparation: Combine Berentzen Bushel & Barrel, cream, and peach puree into ice-filled shaker.
56 per bushel for corn delivered to its Fort Dodge plant.
Even with corn prices soaring to $8 per bushel earlier this year, demand remained heavy from exporters, livestock farmers, ethanol plants and food makers.
exported only 684 million bushels of whole soybeans compared to 1.
To dry corn from 35% to 23%, the system has to remove 11,48 lb of moisture per bushel, which requires 11.
The expected production cost (EPC) per bushel is stated in the cost analysis portion of Exhibit 1.
So if we're to spread the word and tell people how good our business is, we need to identify this bushel thing, get it lifted and, if possible, tossed aside.
35 billion bushels of corn a year -- almost as much as will be used for poultry and livestock feed in the U.
7 bushels per acre per year for 30 to 40 years, says Achim Dobermann, a professor of soil science and nutrient management at the University of Nebraska.
At anytime during the twenty-three-year span, a bushel of wheat could be traded for a barrel of oil in the world market.
18 billion bushels, down 60 million bushels from the USDA's previous estimate.
To protect IMI against such increases, your neighbor on behalf of IMI buys 6-moth options to purchase 1,000 bushels of corn at an exercise price of $2 per bushel.
purchases 20 July 1995 futures contracts (each for 5,000 bushels) that allow the holder to buy the grain at $3 per bushel and take delivery in July.
In June, the deficiency payment per bushel of corn was 75 cents, so the average large family farm, which produces 214,852 bushels of corn a year, was eligible for a $161,000 deficiency payment.