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Synonyms for bushel

Synonyms for bushel

a United States dry measure equal to 4 pecks or 2152

a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 pecks

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This will help combine the new value that Bushel brings to market and the great web platform that is FarmCentric.
US agribusiness giant Cargill said it expanded its corn-based ethanol business by opening a plant in Fort Dodge, Iowa, with the capacity to grind 150,000 bushels of corn daily.
Corn futures surged nearly 6 per cent on the Chicago Board of Trade after the US Department of Agriculture reported corn stocks on September 1 were below 1 billion bushels for the first time in eight years.
The bunker silos are designed to hold a total of one million bushel of frozen corn.
When my father started irrigating in our area in 1966, one could buy a bag of seed corn in the small flats or rounds that weighed one bushel and the seed count was right around 120,000 in a bushel of seed corn.
Thus, in this case, the opportunity cost of growing AA yellow corn is the contribution margin of GM yellow corn times the number of bushels of GM yellow corn given-up for each bushel of AA yellow corn.
During the Middle Ages it seems we measured grain in bushels and a bushel, when full of wheat, was reckoned to weigh 64 tower pounds or 56 avoirdupois pounds.
35 billion bushels of corn a year -- almost as much as will be used for poultry and livestock feed in the U.
A cash market speculator would have to pay $10,000 to get control of 5,000 bushels of corn valued at $2 per bushel.
7 bushels per acre per year for 30 to 40 years, says Achim Dobermann, a professor of soil science and nutrient management at the University of Nebraska.
in 1970, a bushel of wheat could be traded for a barrel of oil in the world market.
5 bushels per acre between wheat in 15-inch rows and wheat interseeded in 15-inch rows was slightly larger (about 1 bushel per acre) than expected.
Wheat futures traded on Chicago Board of Trade initially rose as much as 5 cents a bushel in response to the US DA's deep cut in its forecast for global wheat stocks for 2002-03 crop year.
To protect IMI against such increases, your neighbor on behalf of IMI buys 6-moth options to purchase 1,000 bushels of corn at an exercise price of $2 per bushel.
purchases 20 July 1995 futures contracts (each for 5,000 bushels) that allow the holder to buy the grain at $3 per bushel and take delivery in July.