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antelope with white markings like a harness and twisted horns

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owned subsidiary, entered into an agreement with Bushbuck Resources Ltd.
I drew back my bow on two occasions, and once I actually got a shot at a bedded bushbuck at 40 yards but hit a branch I couldn't see through the thick brush.
With air cartridges, the Modoc has the advantage over reservoir-fed rifles, such as the Bushbuck, in that each cartridge is filled to the same 4500 psi.
The area had been exceedingly kind to us as we supplied the skinning shed with East African Bohor reedbuck, oribi, Nile bushbuck, East African sitatunga and East African bush duiker.
Like many of the communities around the village of Jilinkon has a species-specific taboo on a particular animal--in the case of Jilinkon, the bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus)--and place a very high cultural value on that animal.
I'll hear the bushbuck bark and the tale of the wallet found in the hammercock's nest.
Counting spiders," she said, though there was much more besides, from bushbuck research to animal tracking.
Such a mechanism was proposed for the competitive interaction between common duiker Sylvicapra grimmia, which is a species that became more abundant in the ARS and bushbuck Tragelaphus sylvaticus, which is a species that became less abundant in the ARS.
She adds: "Baboons and monkeys keep us entertained with their antics in the hammock and gentle bushbuck graze silently on the edge of the property as crowds of banded mongoose hurry through.
The Biosphere Reserve also hosts a rich fauna (Poussy and Bakyono, 1991) consisting of mammal species such as the hippopotamus, elephant (Loxodonta africana Cuvier), bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus Pallas), roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus Desmarest), warthog (Phacocoerus africanus Gmelin), Oribi (Ourebia ourebi Zimmerman), duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia L.
The next morning, as I stood making a pot of coffee in the kitchen, I saw a bushbuck doe on the lawn outside, staring at me; she was as unfussed by our presence as we were fascinated by hers.
More common game species such as impala, blesbok, bushbuck, kudu, springbuck, ostrich and mountain reedbuck will also be on offer in the bomas and catalogue sale.
This partnership is a voluntary initiative that is being rolled out over eleven delivery sites in Mpumalanga, with a particular focus on rural areas, especially the Bushbuck Ridge/Acornhoek region.
This noble giant sauntered gently through the savannah, slowing down ever so often to nod toward a kudu, bushbuck, or zebra.