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not of the highest quality or sophistication


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These bush-league tactics are transparent for what they are: attempts to support various individual personal agendas at the expense of our children.
That notwithstanding, citing their opponents as bush-league, both David Crosby and Graham Nash personally and heartily approved their Party Party Joint Candidacy, and the race is on
My question to each of you is this: How many of our children in uniform have to die as a direct result of your Bush-league, amateurish, petty politics?
Claiming to having the #1 title on only one platform is such a bush-league, rookie move, as any true baseball fan knows, there are no shortcuts to calling yourself a champion," said David Knies, Director of Acclaim Sports.
I know that one potential Tornadoes rally was stopped by a bush-league steal-strikeout combination that was so awkward that it was embarrassing, while another was ended by a double play that started with a pop fly to right field.
Is this Reggie Bush contract snafu a bush-league move, or simply his misguided handlers (namely, Mike Ornstein) throwing their lack of weight around again?
Paul Newman's grizzled captain of a bush-league hockey team set the standard for the aging athlete facing a life away from the game, the predecessor of Kevin Costner's Crash Davis in "Bull Durham," Nick Nolte's Phillip Elliott from "North Dallas Forty" and even Ferrell's Jackie Moon.
But DaVanon's second homer and Troy Glaus' solo homer in the fifth, like DaVanon's an opposite-field shot, were the reason Anderson was calling this a bush-league joint.
So much for the notion that cities are just bush-league bus stops without hulking battalions of millionaires in cleats.
Ross, a noted Hollywood film director, crafted a production that might best be termed bush-league Zeffirelli - in other words, a generally traditional mise-en-scene to which is added lots of distracting detail, like automobiles, brass bands, chestnut sellers, etc.
That's strictly small-time, bush-league, backwater politics, brother.
500 team like the Dodgers to even dream of a World Series is bush-league.
When the focus is on supersmart Buddy foiling the villains or running for a touchdown, the movie delivers bush-league thrills that will appeal best to the 10-and-under crowd.
Maybe not, but a year ago Ze Carlos was toiling for such little money in the Brazilian second division - playing for his seventh bush-league team in eight years - that he supplemented his income selling watermelons from a cart.