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not of the highest quality or sophistication


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Despite the recent agreement between NHL owners and players, the NHL is still on life support, with its idiotic rules, preposterous equipment regulations, anemic TV audience and bush-league image.
This is one of the more frightening aspects of today's Bush-league White House: its sheer gall and arrogance.
But Sarasotans decided not to let the bush-league politicians further wound our children's education.
And we will use our voices as loudly as ever in the next four years to oppose the reactionary moves of the Bush-League Presidency.
The Bush-league spin that manual recounts are less accurate than Ouija boards was demolished by computer scientists and voting-machine experts, who maintain that well-managed hand counts are without question more accurate than machine feeds.
The Bush-league owner who had signed him had all options
any untoward display of your personal iron isn't just high in the bush-league etiquette deportment, it's also just plain dangerous.
This may sound like a lot of unnecessary work, but if you're a bush-league drywall finisher like me, you'll get better results and probably save time in the long run.
Not to put too fine a point upon it, we, by comparison, come out as lessthan-serious, bush-league, bit-players.
These bush-league tactics are transparent for what they are: attempts to support various individual personal agendas at the expense of our children.
That notwithstanding, citing their opponents as bush-league, both David Crosby and Graham Nash personally and heartily approved their Party Party Joint Candidacy, and the race is on
My question to each of you is this: How many of our children in uniform have to die as a direct result of your Bush-league, amateurish, petty politics?