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a loose fitting jacket

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Lifts were hard to find--perhaps because of his travelling gear, a bush shirt, shorts and a battered felt hat into which he had stuck a union jack.
He is wearing cut-off jeans, bush shirt, desert boots and a Crocodile Dundee hat -with corks on.
Mary Hart bought one and said she would take off her Bo Hart Cardinals Jersey and put the Bench Bush shirt on when she got to the game.
Tenders are invited for Cut Piece Cloth Of 175 Cm Length For Full Sleeves Bush Shirt Woven Suiting Made Of Polyester And Cotton Blend Conf To Spec No.
Sporting his trademark Gandhi cap proclaiming that "I am an m admi', Kejriwal wore a blue pullover over bush shirt and trousers discarding the traditional 'kurta-pyjama' of politicians.
Bush rally and a Bush shirt to a John Kerry rally - and see what happens.
Pakistan mainly exports cotton-made articles which include shirts, T-shirts, bush shirts, coats, pants, maxies, half pants, skirts, blouses, children's suits, outer and under wear garments.