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agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears

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The home owner, Charles Miller, armed himself with a fish landing net, his wife kept the bush baby interested with titbits of food, but Bobo knew the escape routine well and with a flick of his tail was off along the fences with kangaroo-like bounds.
Until she is tricked by a bush baby and "borrowed" by the Animal Spirit Kingdom, she does not know that she has an ability to communicate with the animal spirits.
Once, however, the scientists saw a female chimp hit a bush baby with her spear.
There was no time for regrets, so I steeled myself and noticed the Bush Baby rucksack.
Yet I could swear saw a giant bush baby leaping over the high jump.
What does this leaping bush baby have in common with a slithery snake or quivering jellyfish?
Now you want to bomb Iraq just because Bush baby says so.
A MOST unusual fan turned up to see Benny Hill (above) when he appeared at the Coventry Hippodrome back in around 1946 - Pookie, a South African bush baby, which belonged to the Hancock family.
The better to see and hear with," a bush baby would answer if it could talk.
PHOENIX -- A bush baby, an African crested porcupine and one prairie dog are traveling from Fort McDowell to Camp Verde today.
171114PETS_10 PETER REIMANN A bush baby is just one of the many exotic animals that can be found at Wild Animal |Adventures, Pet dventures, Pet Mania
Swing SWITCH: Plum Bush Baby Wooden Swing Set, pounds 120, www.
Although most of the observed hunting attempts failed to snare the palm-size mammals, the investigators recorded one instance of a female chimp immobilizing a bush baby by jabbing it with a sharpened branch, pulling the animal out of its nest, and eating it.
TODDLERS are limbering up for a sponsored walk at Knowsley Safari Park in aid of children's charity Barnardos Youngsters Zak and Holly Doherty-Green started their preparations by meeting Mi-Lu, an abandoned bush baby deer The children, from Dovecot, will be among hundreds of youngsters taking part in Barnardos' Big Toddle, a half-milesponsored walk on June 15 and 22.