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a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

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Busboy Technologies and EventSwift intend to cross-license their respective software, integrate them into their product offerings and market to each other's customer bases.
We will use the HITEC and FSTEC shows to launch our BusBoy technology and intend to acquire new restaurant clients as a result of these shows.
The Panini restaurant represents an ideal location to install BusBoy and to measure the product's operational and financial impact on the restaurant," said Spencer Taylor, Cost Control's President & CEO.
Important Things with Demetri Martin" is the second series pick-up under COMEDY CENTRAL's first-look agreement with Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions, Inc.
Opening a file on a 59-year-old busboy who was sexually assaulted and strangled after he left a local bar with two men on New Year's Eve 1984, Patchett saw about a dozen fingerprints lifted from the crime scene.
In addition to hosting "The Daily Show," Stewart also serves as an executive producer and writer and is the principal behind Busboy Productions, Inc.
Obviously, we're huge fans of Demetri and Busboy and are extremely excited about taking the next step with them.
Ztinzun, who began working as a dishwasher and then a busboy when he immigrated to the United States in 1960, is considered an American success story by those who know his life.
After a career-ending back injury, his life spiraled out of control, and he ended up penniless, working as a busboy and dishwasher at a Seattle restaurant.
Where a lawyer and a busboy become equals in step with a song.
Waiting with their ailing 3-year-old son inside a crowded medical clinic, a Van Nuys couple who work as a housekeeper and busboy feared that nothing would come of Bush's proposal.
The Colbert Report" is the first project developed under COMEDY CENTRAL's first-look agreement with Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions, Inc.
Busboy" Agency: Foote Cone & Belding, Chicago Music: Original music by Genuine Music Tagline: "Taste the Cold" Summary: This spot takes place in a neighborhood bar where an enthusiastic busboy is eagerly clearing tables of empty Coors Light bottles.
I go to lunch with my staff and a hand reaches out,'' he said, describing a busboy who thanked him for helping him get his first job.