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Leif Blomqvist, chairman of the board of Vasttrafik, the agency responsible for public transport services in Gothenburg, said, 'The hybrid buses are an important element of our programme of converting to fossil-free bus traffic while reducing fuel consumption.
I tried unsuccessfully to convince council staff who officiated that the closure of bus traffic through Broadgate would cause gridlock in the city centre.
Holt Integrated Circuits (Mission Viejo, CA) has announced a new and innovative product, the HI-3200, a data management IC for ARINC 429 and ARINC 825 (CAN) bus traffic.
Against the overwhelming majority, Wellington Square was built in 2000, taking shops from the market hub when the consensus of opinion was this was an ideal site for a bus station - access both north and south with none of the bus traffic or congestion on the High Street.
SD bus traffic prior to the error points is clearly displayed to help quickly identify problems.
Bus traffic brings in continuous new shoppers, with ample parking for those from surrounding Apt.
The PacketPresenter feature displays bus traffic that is transmitted between electronics system components in a graphical, easy to understand packet format, speeding up debugging and enabling quick assessment of communication data.
Volvo said the new hybrid concept is designed to provide maximum fuel efficiency for applications requiring frequent braking and acceleration, including city bus traffic, city distribution, refuse collection and construction work.
The city has also reserved two lanes of the city's main thoroughfare for bus traffic only.
Most of the busway will run along a former Southern Pacific railroad right-of-way, allowing only bus traffic and including 13 stops, far fewer than standard Metro lines.
The Village Technology Team (Annapolis, Maryland) designed a bus that is significantly narrower than a conventional bus and uses a dedicated single, narrow lane that can accommodate two-way bus traffic.
The Jigsaw 8 storage networking switch provides enterprises with the ability to switch SCSI bus traffic directly.
At one point, the dancers almost brought bus traffic in the town to a halt.
The customer is MTA New York City Transit, which is responsible for the subway and bus traffic in New York City.
Contract notice: Call for tenders for bus traffic 43/2018