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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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LAHORE -- Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) launched an awareness campaign titled WELCOME TO LAHORE to spread the message of cleanliness at large scale by targeting passengers at city's major bus terminals like Railway Station, Lorry Adda.
ISLAMABAD -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will launch operation today (Monday) against illegal bus terminals established at Faizabad.
Buses, which had enormous difficulties as they tried to get in the bus terminal, drove many Istanbulities out of his mind as they obliged to walk when the traffic nearly halted around the terminal.
A full passenger bus was about to leave a station in Potiskum when a bomb destroyed the vehicle Tuesday morning, witness Malam Yakubu Baba, who owns a kiosk in the bus terminal, told dpa.
Vergas stressed his support for the protesters and said that he would not allow a bus terminal to be created opposite the mall, despite a request by the Paphos transport organisation (OSYPA).
This week I'd like to talk about and raise awareness of some of the problems facing the Port Authority's bus terminal, and explain why these improvements are so important to its continued operation.
Smoke rises after a lethal bomb blast at a bus terminal in Jos, Nigeria
Advisor on transport to Chief Minister clearly said that provincial government is responsible for giving all possible facilities to commuters at Bus Terminal and also announced Rs 20000 for Manager of Terminal for showing good performance to provide facilities to communters.
local time) when a bomb exploded inside a bus terminal located in Dera Allah Yar area of Jafarabad, a main district in the country's southwest Balochistan province.
Hint: Don't confuse Union Bus Terminal with Union Station, where folks could take the train out of town, though the two weren't too far apart.
The Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street will be transformed in June by mediamesh, a new light technology developed by GKD-USA, a collaboration between a German light engineering firm and American metal fabric developer, according to the Architect's Newspaper.
Addressing Anjuma e Tajran here he said he will talk to provincial secretary for decreasing rents of the bus terminal shopkeepers by 10 percent.
ISTANBUL, Nov 5, 2009 (TUR) -- A Turkish company will construct a complex in Syria, including a shopping mall, hotel and bus terminal.
Summary: A bomb attached to a minibus killed seven people and injured 24 others at a bus terminal in southern Baghdad on Monday, police said.
At least four children and three women were among the casualties from the blast next to a bus terminal in the mostly Shia district of Shaab, officials said on Thursday.