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Synonyms for bus

the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar

a car that is old and unreliable

send or move around by bus

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ride in a bus

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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants

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The planning tool then automatically increases the size of the bus path and the autorouter puts a ground connection between the signal connections and connects the shield to the ground plane with a via (FIGURE 6).
What's more, students can easily get to classes in minutes as Gainesville Place is located along the University of Florida bus path at 2800 SW 35th Place.
All arrangements must be made to keep the bus paths passable on site for the duration of the works (according to the plans of PGCSPS).
Passengers will also be able to reach all the stands without crossing bus paths.
Traditionally, the engineer would sketch these placements and bus paths out on paper to provide the board designer the necessary guidance to route the board.