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a traffic lane intended for buses only

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TAXI drivers have welcomed a council's review of bus lanes following a dispute.
A CONTROVERSIAL bus lane has been removed to the delight of drivers and business leaders.
The Tregolls Road bus lane in Truro, Cornwall, will be suspended on Monday after it was found to have increased the average peak time journey into the small city from seven minutes to 21 minutes since its November 2 launch.
Bus lane cameras are stationed at Sky Blue Way, Warwick Road, Gosford Street, Quinton Road, Tile Hill Lane, Stoney Road and underneath the Whittle Arch on Hales Street.
The bus lane was installed city-bound on Llantrisant Road between Gillian Road and Cardiff Road earlier this year.
Darryn Male said: "The bus lane heading north on Great North Road is an absolute joke, causes chaos at peak times for the sake of a couple of buses.
Why should they get away with it when every bus lane is marked with clear signage and other motorists obey the rules.
A CAMERA crackdown and PS90 fines for drivers beating congestion by using bus lanes comes into full force today.
Just before Christmas I was issued with a bus lane ne but I thought I had reasonable justication to appeal.
The project engineer and part-time bodybuilding coach's Audi A4 was snapped by a bus lane camera in the city's west end at 7.
The Traffic Penalty Tribunal has called on Birmingham City Council to defend its controversial city centre bus lane cameras amid suggestions that warning signs do not meet government rules.
But Noel could soon be picking up pounds 60-a-time fines every time he slips into a bus lane.
THE Welsh capital could copy London by having a bus lane along a major commuter trunk road.
But instead this No 11 bus lane on Stoney Lane in Yardley, and many like it, have been left redundant as they wait for safety approval from the council.