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the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar


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50 Entrance to club - pounds 10 Short taxi ride - pounds 6 Bus fare -80p Tin of beans - 45p Loaf of bread - 48p Kebab -pounds 2.
Gord help us: Fans are still waiting for Strachan to pay bus fare
This was a series of pieces advocating lower and more convenient bus fares for students from poor families.
The association has proposed regular bus fare should be 1,000 rupiah, up from 300 rupiah, minibus fares should be 1,200 rupiah, up from 500 rupiah, express buses 1,550 rupiah, up from 700 rupiah, and air-conditioned express buses 3,250 rupiah, up from 2,300 rupiah.
Secondary-school pupils are expected to walk up to six miles a day round-trip or cough up the bus fare.
The cabinet decided to hike the bus fare, but a decision on the quantum of hike has been left to a cabinet sub-committee comprising ministers K.
Imran, Tahir, Yasir, Kamran and some other commuters quoting the non-availability of the public transport vehicles in provincial capital after the recent closure of CNG stations in the city, said it has proved beyond any doubt that transporters use CNG fuel in their minibuses and vans but sadly charge higher bus fare on the pretence that they still use diesel.
Mr Anderson seems to imply it is terrible that someone convicted of "desperate" criminal behaviour should have to pay a bus fare to travel to Gateshead.
Tickets are US$12 and $20, half the cost of bus fare, Vallone says.
A SACKED teacher who complained she could not afford the bus fare to attend her Birmingham Employment Tribunal case was advised by a judge to follow his example and walk to the hearing.
KARACHI, April 08, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Karachi transporters have increased Inter-City Bus fare by Rs.
Mehmet Mahmut, a 43-year-old computer engineer from South Norwood, London, claims he was thrown to the pavement, seriously injured and accused of being a terrorist after he was arrested for bus fare evasion.
Nicosia bus company OSEL, one of the firms contracted to execute public transport, said that although there was a decrease in the number of students using the bus, possibly as some students resort to alternative means of transport, the initially reported cases of students refusing to pay the bus fare have fallen to a negligible level.
I'm selfemployed on a really low income and 90 per cent of my weekly money goes on bus fare.
50 26p Gorseinon-Swansea one-way bus fare pounds 5 83p Brynmawr-Merthyr one-way bus fare pounds 5.