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a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

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We had to ask the bus boy for more bread and water; he had that couldn't-care-less attitude.
I've been a ditch digger, framer, photographer, truck washer, mover, waiter, bartender, bus boy, dump truck driver and bobcat operator," he said.
Her father -- a bus boy and sole breadwinner for her family of seven -- had just suffered a stroke.
A stint as a bus boy in a smart Pall Mall club showed him that acting and looking posh was an invaluable camouflage for skulduggery.
Dinner one night was taken at Osteria Panevino, a Tuscan restaurant so authentic that the bus boy professed to not knowing any English and the woman taking reservations on the phone had such a heavy Italian accent as to be almost indecipherable.
A girl standing next to me was obviously the class bad girl - every time she and her friend finished their drinks she would go up to the bar and claim that the bus boy had swiped them, demanding (and getting) a replacement.
to the hyper, insomniac bus boy who learned how to relax enough to be promoted to management.
I don't exist here,'' said Chavez, a restaurant bus boy who came to the United States from Mexico about 10 years ago.
He began as a part time bus boy in the summer and progressed to manager, then co-owner on the death of Mr.
In a real-life rags-to-riches story that would perhaps inspire movie roles for the legends whose pictures grace the walls, a former bus boy and a long-time waitress have joined together to buy the 112-year-old Saugus Cafe.
The Bus Boy has grown into a needy young man, Victor (Liberto Rabal), who is hopelessly hung up on his first and only sexual conquest, the drug-addicted daughter of an Italian diplomat, Elena (Francesca Neri), who barely remembers their encounter.
Beginning his career with Disney 38 years ago as a bus boy, George Kalogridis, has been named president of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.
My first actual job wa s as a bus boy in a restaurant but my first acting job was at summer stock in Austin, Texa s.
Probably not knowing the conversion of metric measure to miles, the bus boy politely nodded his head before making his escape from yet another weird American guest.