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Synonyms for burthen

a variant of 'burden'

Related Words

weight down with a load

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The firelight flickered from point to point, gleaming on the white and green coats of Gog and Magog, on the sleek, brown head of the beautiful setter basking on the rug, on the picture frames on the walls, on the vaseful of daffodils from the window garden, on Anne herself, sitting by her little table, with her sewing beside her and her hands clasped over her knee while she traced out pictures in the fire--Castles in Spain whose airy turrets pierced moonlit cloud and sunset bar-ships sailing from the Haven of Good Hopes straight to Four Winds Harbor with precious burthen.
The unruly beast presently reared himself an end on his hind legs, and threw his lovely burthen from his back, and Jones caught her in his arms.
Fear of Danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than Danger itself, when apparent to the Eyes; and we find the Burthen of Anxiety greater, by much, than the Evil which we are anxious about.
It might be expected that I should give some account of the nature of the wicked practices of this woman, in whose hands I was now fallen; but it would be too much encouragement to the vice, to let the world see what easy measures were here taken to rid the women's unwelcome burthen of a child clandestinely gotten.
The only thing I found in all her conversation on these subjects that gave me any distaste, was, that one time in discouraging about my being far gone with child, and the time I expected to come, she said something that looked as if she could help me off with my burthen sooner, if I was willing; or, in English, that she could give me something to make me miscarry, if I had a desire to put an end to my troubles that way; but I soon let her see that I abhorred the thoughts of it; and, to do her justice, she put it off so cleverly, that I could not say she really intended it, or whether she only mentioned the practice as a horrible thing; for she couched her words so well, and took my meaning so quickly, that she gave her negative before I could explain myself.
I SHALL never forget the one-fourth serious and three-fourths comical astonishment, with which, on the morning of the third of January eighteen-hundred-and-forty-two, I opened the door of, and put my head into, a 'state-room' on board the Britannia steam- packet, twelve hundred tons burthen per register, bound for Halifax and Boston, and carrying Her Majesty's mails.
She thought it was part of the hardship of her life that there was laid upon her the burthen of larger wants than others seemed to feel,--that she had to endure this wide, hopeless yearning for that something, whatever it was, that was greatest and best on this earth.
observes that one of the advantages of the extensive introduction of machinery will be "the employment of persons who would otherwise be idle, and in many cases, a burthen on the community, either from bias of temper, habit, infirmity of body, or some other cause, indisposing or disqualifying them for the toils of the country.
The singer Must then pass out of sight, not even relieved Of the evil burthen of the words.
Australia or Terra Australis: chart shewing such parts of Terra Australis and its vicinity, as were discovered or examined by the following vessels: Schooner Francis of 60 tons burthen, in 1798; Sloop Norfolk of 25 tons, in the years 1798 and 9; Schooner Cumberland of 29 tons burthen, in 1803; and by His Majesty's Ship Investigator in 1801, 2 and 3 by Matthew Flinders, UK Hydrographic Office, Y461.
The coomb, seam, hobbett, gawn, faggott, gad burthen, (the three last particularly applied to different weights of steel) the fother, cade, last, dicker, wey, clove, boll, batement, windle, hoop, kernel, frolet, eighteen day, and half eighteen day measures.
except voting vast Sums of money to be raised upon Great Britain in order to ease America from the Burthen of Contributing any thing to her own Support, but however we may look upon the Question within Doors [of Parliament] the Tide out of Doors, seems very strong & universally turning the other way.
54) Nicholas Tarling, The Burthen, the Risk, and the Glory: A biography of Sir James Brooke,
Earlier, in order to argue that would-be confessional writers struggled with their own Calvinist ideas that sinners could not participate in their own salvation by confessional means, Streete finds structural and narrative fault with the "voice" of Richard Kilby's popular The Burthen Of a loaden conscience Or the Miserie of Sinne: Set forth by the confession of a miserable sinner (1608).
Matthew Wigelsworth ran the third quickest time of the day in his age group (9:22) but Daniel Evans (9:50) and Liam Burthen (9:47) couldn't deny Trafford AC gold as their youngster Jack Crabtree produced a whirlwind (8:57) last leg to steal the spoils.