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Synonyms for burst

Synonyms for burst

to come open or fly apart suddenly and violently, as from internal pressure

to release or cause to release energy suddenly and violently, especially with a loud noise

to become manifest suddenly and in full force

burst out: to speak suddenly or sharply, as from surprise or emotion

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

a concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows

Synonyms for burst

the act of exploding or bursting

rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms

Related Words

a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)


a sudden intense happening

come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure

force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up

burst outward, usually with noise

move suddenly, energetically, or violently

Related Words

be in a state of movement or action

Related Words

emerge suddenly

Related Words

break open or apart suddenly and forcefully

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If the burst sources are not galactic disk objects, as now seems likely, we are left with only three possible models.
Astronomers calculate that this burst packed only about one-hundredth the energy of more-distant bursts.
However, the much shorter duration of an afterglow from a gamma-ray burst may offer an advantage, note Reichart and cosmologist Don Lamb of the University of Chicago.
Sands, loose gravel and small cobble move easily as the burst head travels through the ground and will have smaller potential impact.
During its lifetime--ranging from less than a second to a few minutes--a burst can be 10 billion to 100 billion times as bright as an entire galaxy.
In a static system, a solid steel rod is fed through the existing pipe which will handle the full load of the burst.
This collision generates an afterglow that may begin an hour or so after the burst and can last from hours to months.
Astronomers worldwide raced to find the galaxy from which the burst emanated as well as a possible visible-light afterglow of the cataclysmic event.
Burst and replace gas, water, sewer and other pipes with the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system from TT Technologies.
Burst and replace water, sewer, gas and other pipes with the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system.