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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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When the bursa becomes inflamed, it often produces additional fluid, becomes enlarged, and causes much pain.
Sometimes, weak muscles around the hip may cause the tissue to abnormally rub against me bursa and the bone.
When there's inflammation, the bursa loses its gliding capabilities and becomes more and more irritated.
Bursas were set up in Edmonton in 1917, in Sifton and Teulon in Manitoba, and in Vegreville in Alberta.
22-year-old player came to Bursa on Tuesday to sign the official contract.
According to the online helpline, NHS Direct, an inflamed bursa causes pain and tenderness - and may also restrict movement of the joint.
BURSA, Nov 1, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's defending champions Bursaspor will host Manchester United on Tuesday to score their first goal in their first-ever UEFA Champions League campaign.