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the treasury of a public institution or religious order

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Chwarae Teg is looking for 30 businesses to come on board and each donate PS500 to provide bursaries to 30 additional women.
It is stated that the bursaries will cover the cost of tuition, prescribed textbooks, registration fees and examination fees.
The bursaries are open to tenors under the age of 30 who have student status.
Bursaries will be available to top graduates in maths, physics, chemistry, computing, and languages, in primary and in priority subjects at secondary school (English, history, biology, geography, music, and design and technology).
The PS6,000 bursaries, paid over three years, will be used to offset accommodation costs and so support students to fully experience life at university.
The bursaries offered give strong support to the new generation of entrepreneurs and are a real incentive in recruiting new students to our program," explained Nathaly Riverin, General Manager of the Ecole d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce.
Some 82 of the school's pupils currently receive bursaries, which is about 7% of the total number.
A variety of Awards, scholarships and bursaries are available to NAIT Aboriginal students.
ALMOST a third of bursaries to help those from poorer backgrounds study at Oxford University were awarded to young people from independent schools last year, it has emerged.
Summary: Generous bursaries, usually offered by the most selective universities, are failing to attract poorer students.
NO idea if there's a running theme here, but these are the latest four prosecutions by the scam-busting unit of the health service, NHS Counter Fraud: Illegal immigrant Aisha Badamasi, from Nigeria, jailed for a year at Harrow Crown Court, London, after claiming pounds 36,000 in NHS student bursaries.
Since February 2006 it has been able to award bursaries of up to pounds 1,000, with the average award over the past two years working out at pounds 827.
Bursaries are also available for PC or Flight Sim pilots wishing to have their first experience of an air sport.
Higher bursaries would aim to attract students to less-popular courses, according to Professor Drummond Bone, president of the vice-chancellors' umbrella group Universities UK.
The NOHFC has set aside $5 million to match donations to the general fund and to endowed bursaries ($10,000 or more per year).