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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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30); each receptaculum with short, proximal, spur-like fertilization duct leading into bursal cavity.
In addition, the company has developed and markets Bursaplex(R), the first in ovo VNF(R)-based vaccine for inoculating against infectious bursal disease (IBD).
Infectious bursal disease virus, ds RNA virus in Birnaviridae family, was used as an out-group.
These proceedings for the May 2004 congress include a collection of papers on various aspects and techniques of surgery, including that of the rotator cuff, with such topics as the factors influencing the outcome of nonsurgical treatment for partial thickness rotator cuff tears, bursal envelopes and mini-open incisions; shoulder instability, including reviews of surgical treatment; fractures about the shoulder, including surgical treatment of head-splitting fractures of the humerus; the acromioclavicular joint; primary shoulder arthroplasty; revision shoulder arthroplasty; other shoulder topics, the elbow; and basic science.
Non-interference of InovocoxTM, a live coccidial oocyst vaccine, with Marek's disease vaccine or Bursaplex[R], a live bursal disease vaccine, after in ovo administration.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the shoulder showed a very large subdeltoid bursal fluid collection consistent with bursitis associated with myositis (Fig.
They were immunised against Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis at 7 and 23 days of age and infectious bursal disease (Gumboro) at 10 days of age.
Immunization programs including Newcastle Disease vaccine (inoculated on d 7 and 21) and inactivated Infectious Bursal Disease vaccine (inoculated on d 14 and 28).
30) These so-called dog ears remain detached and may contribute to bursal surface irregularities of the repaired cuff and asymmetric force distribution.
The Turlock laboratory performs testing on avian samples and was instrumental in the identification of very virulent infectious bursal disease (vvIBD) in the state in December 2008.
T1 ve PD agirlikli kesitlerde artmis sinyal intensitesi tendinit, T2'de artikuler, bursal ya da tendon ici artmis sivi intensitesi parsiyel ruptur, tendonda fokal ya da difuz butunluk kaybi ve retraksiyon tam kat ruptur olarak degerlendirildi.
avian influenza virus, Newcastle disease virus, Marek's disease virus, chicken anemia virus, avian leukosis virus J subgroup, infectious bursal disease virus) were detected by using PCR or reverse transcription PCR.
Bursa copulatrix (gametolytic gland) with a long narrow duct and an ovoid or round bursal sac, which reaches the albumen gland.
Table 1: Examples of mathematics anxiety scales Author Year Number of Instrument items Dreger & Aitken 1957 Number Anxiety Scale Richardson & Suinn 1972 98 Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (MARS) Plake & Parker 1982 24 Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale-Revised (MARS-R) Wigfield & Meece 1988 22 Mathematics Anxiety Questionnaire (MAQ) Alexander & Martray 1989 25 Revised Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (RMARS) Suinn & Winston 2003 30 Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale-Short Version (MARS-SV) Hopko et al 2003 9 Abbreviated Mathematics Anxiety Scale (AMAS) Bursal & Paznokas 2006 30 Revised-Mathematics Anxiety Survey (R-MANX) Table 2: Total Anxiety Scores as measured by the RMARS.